Miss Lucy

Enjoy a colourful brunch among the swaying gumtrees.

Nestled among the treetops of Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs you’ll find Miss Lucy cafe offering up homely comfort while serving jaw-droppingly beautiful dishes.Not only have they created an aesthetically pleasing space that blends in with the busy environment that surrounds it, they’re also creating some of the best food and drink you will find this far out of Melbourne.


Miss Lucy




The Brief

Tasked with crafting a beautifully subdued atmosphere that reflects the warm interior of the cafe, the team asked us to create a beautiful visual representation of their heart, soul, and dedication.

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The Work

We worked with the team at Miss Lucy and their brand guidelines to create simple yet dazzling graphic elements and tiles that aid in elevating the delightful aesthetic of the feed. Along with graphic elements, we helped capture the down-to-Earth atmosphere they have cultivated and produced photography that makes you want to reach through your screen and devour their simply stunning dishes.

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