Mr. D Food & Coffee

Where passionate ideas meet a bustling reality.

Situated on a busy corner in the far East Gippsland city of Bairnsdale, Mr. D Food and Coffee has been the local go-to spot since its opening in October of 2017. Going by the shortened name of Mr. D, the venue is focused on providing simple, yet quality European-influenced dishes to the local community. Working together with a local coffee roaster, the team behind Mr. D are committed to exceptional coffee, sustainable practices, and building memorable connections with every person who walks through their doors.


Mr. D Food & Coffee




The Brief

Providing a modern, fresh, and cosmopolitan venue in a community so far removed from city living, Mr. D is always building on its strengths and is committed to providing professional, approachable, and engaging service – always with a smile. As part of their guarantee for constant improvement, Mr. D enlisted our services in order to develop a consistent online presence that reflects the hard work the team puts in every day.

Mr. D interior while barista froths milk
Mr Cafe interior - coffee machine and grinders
Mr D Food & Coffee as seen from the street corner
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The Work

By harnessing the familiarity and comfort of a country town, we worked with Mr. D to craft a venue photoshoot that translates the undeniable passion and professionality that is apparent in every dish, drink, and in every element of the interior design. Celebrating the traditions of extended family brunch and nerve-wracking first dinner dates through both visuals and copy, we have worked with Mr. D to curate a social presence that welcomes both regulars and newcomers.

Gourmet ice-cream and waffle served on gold-rimmed plate
Coffee cups in order of size: small, medium, large
Mr D employee wearing branded black apron
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