Ollie’s Deli

The best of Melbourne’s loaded sangas.

A tiny bustling sandwich bar offering melted sangas, bagels, coffee by industry beans and freshly baked pastries for that after meal treat. If you’ve been here before, you’d know that everything served would be considered ‘insta worthy’. With their most popular hits being the ‘pastrami’ and ‘fried chicken’, be prepared to leave the venue with more than just one sandwich.


Ollie’s Deli




The Brief

Prior to their launch, Ollies deli reached out to refine their branding and to establish a cult following that would support them from opening date. Being a new venue, it was important to build brand awareness and loyalty from the beginning in order to keep the momentum going.

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The Work

For the pre-launch campaign it was crucial to identify key branding elements that would be consistent throughout their feed. We collaborated with a Melbourne based graphic designer to create informative and ‘on brand’ graphic tiles that expressed their own unique personality. Along with this approach we incorporated iconic shots of the footscray community to showcase the contrast between the past and present, with the intention of igniting feelings of nostalgia for the past and thrilling anticipation for the future. These two approaches were well received by the audience and created excitement around the opening.

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