Our humans

We are a happy bunch who loves doing what we do. If you ever visit us, you’ll be greeted by big smiles and even bigger cups of coffee. We've created a space in which everyone is true to themselves, and appreciated for who they are.


Founder | Creative Director

The Social Fixation founder with 10+ years experience across the food & drink space under his belt. His vision was to create an agency that truly understands hospitality, and he sure did.


Head of Marketing

The strategic mastermind behind all our marketing, Chanelle ensures your campaigns and content are moving in the right direction. She is also a major foodie.


Sales Director

With his irresistible charm and wealth of experience, Johnny leads our sales team to new heights, one captivating conversation at a time.


Senior Graphic Designer

Tye worked for Melbourne's most-loved hospo brands for a decade. Now he works on them, crafting fresh branding that plucks customers' heartstrings.


Social Media Coordinator

The world's #1 extrovert. She's loud, she's proud, and she's ... Well, if you think of a good rhyme, please let us know.


Head of Content

Our resident videographer and cinephile. With a keen eye for storytelling and a love for the cinematic arts, Matt brings creativity and flair to every project he touches.


SEO Strategist

Our resident Google-whisperer. He's been building websites for so long that his spine is shaped like a chair and he turns to dust in the sunlight.

You've scrolled through, you've met the crew. You know what we're about. Every piece of content, every strategy, it's all done in-house. We're real people (no bots), doing real work, and having a real good time doing it. So, shall we meet and chat about you now?