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Our local SEO agency offers a full range of growth services designed for your business to rank on Google’s first page. Our SEO specialists will optimise your search engine and attract organic traffic to your website.

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Search optimisation is our obsession, results are our passion.

SEO Strategy Development

At our core, we're SEO strategists. We help businesses rank higher by crafting effective SEO strategies, ensuring they're future-proof. Our goal is to optimise brands' search to deliver maximum results.

SERP Competition Ranking

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is a crucial component to get your business to the top. We help you outperforming the competition and will drive more traffic to your brand.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Analysing and searching for the best keywords is our specialty. We want you to rank for keywords that your competitors don't rank for, and improve the position of core ones.

Website Maintenance

We couldn't do it without maintaining your website. It allows us to make all the necessary changes to boost your SEO. Our hands-on approach allows us to don't just give recommendations but actual execution.

Technical Optimization

This process is necessary to optimise your website for search engines. From website speed to indexing issues, it's our priority to fix them all. In short: an optimised website will be more SEO friendly.

Why is SEO important for every business

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is still essential for any business. Optimising websites for search engines helps appearing at the top of search results. This not only increases web traffic but also builds credibility. We all trust more a site that ranks high on Google, because it seems more authoritative and reliable.

SEO is essential to establish a digital presence. It involves optimising various elements like content quality, keyword relevance, and website usability. This approach improves visibility and also increases your ranking and domain rate.

Local SEO services help any size business to be seen by more people. A good SEO strategy will deliver growth and results in a cost-effective way. The aim is for your brand to be on amongst Google's first page results for what users are searching for.

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How can a local SEO agency help?

The importance of effective search engine optimisation strategies cannot be understated. Therefore, partnering with a local SEO agency can be a game-changer for your business.  SEO specialists know what your customers search for, and get you to rank high in those search results.

SEO agencies aim to improve your SERP ranking, website speed, keywords and content. Once they run a SEO audit they will be able to see where your business sits in the market. Then they'll be able to create tailored SEO strategies. This targeted approach helps drive traffic to both your physical location and website.

Finally, a SEO company should always have a hands on approach and provide ongoing recommendations. Refining strategies by continuously tracking current keywords and rankings is also crucial. This is why outsourcing SEO services will save you time, resources and get you better results.

What sets our local SEO agency apart

Our Melbourne SEO agency only works with hospitality, food or beverage brands. We don't boost website rankings with dodgy practices, but with a thorough process. Aligning your site with search engine index requirements is vital for success. Some SEO companies opt for shortcuts, promising quick results but delivering subpar quality. We simply don't.

What sets us apart is our hands-on approach. We don't just give recommendations, we act on them. We start with a website audit to assess current state, traffic, speed, and keyword rankings. Then we identify strengths and weaknesses, and create a tailored SEO strategy. This considers your target audience, keywords, and your goals.

We then move to SEO setup, tackling issues and optimising your website. But our commitment doesn't stop there; we believe in ongoing optimisation. We want to create long lasting results, making your brand a market leader.

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Success Stories

We are not just a social media agency. We are a creative-led agency with dedicated social media experts that will take good care of your brand.

Lincoln Hotel SEO client case study

The Lincoln — Instant web traffic growth

This historic gem already had a powerful local following. It was our job to turn that love into Google rankings and help them reach new customers.

St. Domenico pizzeria SEO client case study

St. Domenico — A full SEO refresh

Their main concern was web traffic and search engine related issues. Eager to boost their online presence and climb the Google rankings.

Optimise your search engine

Your brand deserves to be found.

We are not just a Melbourne SEO agency. We are a results-minded agency with dedicated SEO specialists that will help your brand to be found on Google.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is SEO important for websites?

Without SEO, the only people who will find you are people who already know you and search your name directly. Existing customers. But what about new customers? How will they find you? They'll search something like 'brunch open now footscray' or 'best coffee roaster melbourne' and pick from the top few options. So if you aren't there, you're invisible. That's where SEO comes in. We understand how Google works and what it takes to ensure you get the top spot.

What do you actually do for SEO?

We analyze data from millions of websites, case studies from other marketers, and occasional hints from loose-lipped Google engineers to tease out the tactics and strategies that keep the top websites consistently in the #1 spot on Google. Then we test them rigorously and apply what works to all our clients' websites.

Some examples: Tweaking your design to make it as easy as possible for visitors to give you money. Optimizing the images and code to make your site as speedy as possible so busy visitors never get bored and leave before your site finishes loading. Finessing the writing to make it both enticing to humans and obvious to Google what your site is about. Updating your site regularly so it doesn't seem abandoned.

What is local SEO and how does it differ from regular SEO?

Local SEO targets specific geographic locations, like Melbourne, Carlton, or Lygon street. Often searchers don't specify the location, they'll search 'italian restaurant near me' and let Google figure it out. They are looking for a particular type of food, drink, or venue, and they usually want to visit right away. They'll look at your Google reviews and compare you with nearby competitors before deciding where to go.

Regular SEO is much broader with searches like 'traditional italian recipes'. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, a good recipe is a good recipe. That said, if you become famous for your recipe, people nearby are much more likely to hear about you and come visit. For that reason, we always do a mix of both.

How long does SEO take?

SEO works in waves. At first, we fix any glaring issues with your website. You probably won't see much increase in traffic, but the people who do visit will stick around longer. Fewer people will leave. More people will look at your menu or book a table. Then, Google starts to notice the changes you've been making, how popular you're getting, and gasp how clear your skin is looking — so it recommends you more. This can take 3-6 months. More customers, more 5* reviews on Google, you're looking even better. Other websites start talking about you. They write little articles and link to your website. Google overhears. (This is called backlinking.) They recommend you even higher. And so the cycle continues as your runaway train of a website picks up speed.

Do you have experience with website redesigns or migrations while maintaining SEO performance?

Tonnes. We actually moved our own website from Squarespace to its current home a couple of years ago. We saw a small dip in traffic for a month or two — this always happens while Google tries to make sense of all the changes — before traffic shot up like a rocket ship. The goal of a migration is never merely to maintain performance, it's to improve it. And we've seen it improve performance time and time again.