We’re brand architects.

Our branding services are for businesses that are in need for identity. We work with new ideas as well as existing ones that need a refresh. Our graphic designers and brand strategists will create a brand that you’ll be proud of.

Brand asset presentation mockup for BerryGood Superfood Bar

Where creativity meets strategy

We turn ideas into brands, and brands into legacies.

Brand Identity

Where visual and verbal elements narrates a brand's essence to its audience. Including its logo, colour scheme, typography, and messaging. Creating a distinctive and memorable brand image.

Creative Direction

This involves guiding the artistic and visual aspects of a project or brand. Ensuring that they align with the brand's identity and vision. This results in cohesive and compelling creative work.

Digital Graphic Design

It is the art and practice of visually communicating ideas and messages. We do it through typography, imagery, and graphics. It also includes illustrations and social media templates.

Brand Assets

All the visual assets that represent a brand: logos, fonts, colour palettes, templates. They ensure brand consistency their application. Tailored collaterals are also included.

Brand Positioning Map

A visual representation that helps a brand identify its place in the market. It shows how a brand is perceived by consumers. This is an essential steps for brand strategy.

Why businesses need
branding services?

Branding is everything for any business's success. This goes far beyond mere visual identity. Effective branding represents your essence and communicates your values to the world. Why is it so important?

First, it builds trust. A brand you can trust is often the one that leads the market. Next up, brand recognition. When branding is on point, it allows for consumers to instantly recognise it. A strong visual identity will help to stand out and be remembered.

Branding is more than just a logo. It's a complete exercise that sets the foundations of your story. The reason why customer choose you. The way you present your products. If building a successful business is your goal, then you'll need to create a brand that will leave a lasting impression.

Branding usage mockup for client Stan's Grill
Logo concept exploration for BerryGood

How can a branding agency help?

A branding agency plays a vital role in shaping and unifying all elements of your brand. Branding experts don't just design logos and fonts. They tell a company's story and shape its identity. Think it as your fingerprint, but in form or logos, typeface, colours, brand assets, creative direction. Your brand's structure and personality will leave an indelible mark on your audience.

Partnering with a branding agency will make your brand aligned with your vision. A team of copywriters, designers and strategists will deliver bespoke services, for each brief. This diversity of talents will create your brand's identity cost-effectively. Definitely cheaper than hiring an in-house team.

Branding is the secret sauce of business success. Therefore, investing in branding services is a must. When you team up with an agency, you'll get effective and consistent branding elements. This seems a smart move.

What sets our Melbourne branding agency apart

We are the go to branding agency for hospitality, food and beverages brands. It's our passion, our niche and identity. Working just within these industries is actually part of our very own branding. We bring unparalleled expertise and insights that few can.

Our agency is powered by an in-house team of talented humans. This means graphic designers, copywriters, strategists and marketers all in one. We handle every aspect of your branding project with precision and creativity. Not bad at all.

Last but not least: our approach. We take a limited amount of projects, because we're obsessed with quality. We don't stop at designing logos and creating visuals. We go deeper into brand strategy and identity. Your brand won't be just eye-catching, but well positioned in the market. Partner with us to feel the difference that niche expertise, in-house talent and strategic focus can make for your brand.

Stan's Grill website, social media, products and uniform collateral

Brands We've Built

We don't just design logos, we build brands. We do it by following a meticulous process of ideation and deep discovery. Our goal is simple create brands that are here to stay and be remembered.

Stan's Grill chevapi, chips and drink overlaid with their logo

Stan's Grill — The OG chevapi street kiosk

To capture Stan's Grill's unique story, we embarked on an in-depth exploration, delving into street food trends and understanding the core elements of their vision. The goal was to ensure that their logo design and branding collateral reflected their commitment to serving up an unmatched street food experience in a casual setting.

Plant-based frozen yoghurt overlaid with BerryGood's logo

BerryGood — Goodness in one cup

We were tasked with creating branding that would reflect those values and help take their business to the next level. Reflecting Berrygood’s USP in their logo design and other collateral was done with deep research and a contextual understanding of other prominent businesses in the current Açaí bowl landscape.

Imagination. Creativity. Curation.

Endless ideas.
One brand to rule them all.

We are not just another Melbourne branding agency. We are a creative-led agency with dedicated experts that will turn your vision into ideas, and ideas into a brand.


Brands We've Worked With


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is branding important?

Branding involves the creation of a distinct identity for your company or product. It's significant because it encompasses various elements such as positioning in the market, developing a brand strategy, establishing a brand name, defining the tone of voice, and crafting corporate and/or product identity.

Consider water as an example: How do multiple companies worldwide sell the same product and persuade consumers to choose their water over competitors'? The answer lies in a strong brand!

Do I only need a logo for branding?

Branding goes far beyond just having a logo! While we understand the budget constraints and the urgency to establish a visual representation for your business quickly, relying solely on logos doesn't sufficiently convey your business's story. In fact, a poorly designed logo could attract the wrong audience altogether.

Your brand defines your identity and purpose. Therefore, it's crucial that your visual identity—especially your logo, which is prominently featured in most of your communications—clearly communicates this essence.

What's involved in a rebrand?

Rebranding entails strategically overhauling a brand's identity, including its positioning, messaging, and visuals. It's a dynamic process that demands reassessment and realignment with shifting market trends, business objectives, or target audience preferences. This transformative endeavour may involve renaming the brand, redesigning the logo, refining messaging, updating design elements, or redefining core values and purpose.

The aim is to inject new vitality into the brand, distinguish it from competitors, appeal to a different audience, and remain adaptable in changing market landscapes. Executing such a comprehensive transformation necessitates meticulous planning, thorough research, and careful consideration of its potential effects on existing customers, employees, and stakeholders.

How long does a branding project take?

Typically a branding project can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks, depending on the size of the project. But we are able to work around your timeline within reason.