We’re Social Fixation: we solve problems.

Creative strategists by nature

In order to get your social media popping you need to have a plan. Good news: we bring the plan and strategy.

Get explosive results

We don’t just create content for the sake of it, we strategically plan to create the content that’d get you the best results. This is from an organic and brand-building point of view, and of course at the mercy of algorithms.

Slice into your competition

Brains Out! Time to come up with creative ways to reach the right target audience, and yes, we will do that for you: once a month our team gets together to craft a strategy that takes into consideration seasons, upcoming events and your ultimate goals.

The answer is cake

Cakes are great, but you can never get the whole thing; that’s why we aim for you to get the biggest slice possible. Obviously we’re talking about your market share (although we do love a good cake) and coming up with ideas for increasing your slice of it.

Content without a strategy is the slowest way to brand growth. Strategy without content is not how we do it, we do both.


What kind of return should I expect?

Are your packages flexible?

What’s a media kit?

Do you come up with a strategy or do I need to provide one?

Which industries do you work with?