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We help brands by creating engaging content, tailored marketing strategies and campaigns that connect the hearts of brands to the hearts of their customers.

Social Media

Bringing your brand to life with engaging and original content. We craft ideas that speaks to your audience, based on your brand values and focused on increasing your revenue. Our method goes beyond mere presence, aiming for a deep, emotional customer connection. An impactful approach to make your brand stand out and become relevant.

Content Creation

Content creation is all about storytelling. We use photography and videography to create stunning visuals that show what your brand is about. It's more than taking pictures, it’s about capturing your brand's story in every image and video. We ensure that every piece of content stands out and shares your message. This way, we help make your business more appealing.


Our strategies combine creative direction and out-of-the-box ideas. We always aim to connect your brand with your audience. Understanding what engages your ideal customer is the key for growth. We focus on getting new and returning customers to notice you, making your brand more popular in the market.


We approach branding as an evolving journey. It's about making brands that last and adapt. We blend design elements like logos, typography and colours with a unique voice to make your brand stand out. These are just the start. The real magic is how your brand connects with people, becoming a memorable part of their lives in a simple yet powerful way.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO makes your brand easy to find. We specialise in local SEO, relevant keywords and organic SEO to increase your Google ranking. Our strategies are practical and results-driven. We actively fix website and technical SEO errors affecting performance and rankings. Our mission is simple: helping to bring more people to you.

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"Mirko and his team at Social Fixation were thorough, understanding and accessible; qualities I look for with outside partners. We had a transparent relationship with open communication and feedback on how to grow together. They made it easy and my experience was meaningful."
Lan Ho, found of Fat Miilk Vietnamese coffee

Lan Ho — Fat Miilk


Social Fixation are a delight to work with! We've used their services for social media management; they were able to jump straight in with a great level of professionalism, understanding of our brand image and amplify that to the wider market.
Tina Tran, YSH's Marketing Director

Tina — Yum Sing House

Marketing Director

"Been working with Mirko and his team for a while now and we love the results and the way ours social media pages are growing! They are super professional with lots of ideas and a great knowledge of the hospitality industry. A pleasure to work with!”
Giulia Rebecchi, +39 Pizzeria's Venue Manager

Giulia — +39 Pizzeria

Venue Manager

”We've worked with Social Fixation for over 3 years and it has been awesome. As a cafe operator, your day to day is busy enough. Having someone creating content to improve your social media is fully beneficial for the business. They’re very professional and passionate."
Jimmy Tang, Founder of Vacation Coffee

Jimmy — Vacation Coffee


"I had the pleasure to work with Mirko and his team for more than a year. They were hard working, replied quickly and above all with a smile. Their human touch was amazing. As a client I felt always at ease communicating with them."
Andre Eiermann, Victoria Arduino's Managing Director

Andre Eiermann — Victoria Arduino

Managing Director

Tailored social media agency

Our mantra is simple: we grow brands. We do this through our tailored social media services, because one size doesn't fit all.

First, we start by listening to you and understand both your challenges and unique vision. Then we move into our brainstorming lab to craft the best strategy for you. The process from here is simple, yet effective: content ideation, creation and distribution. This will transform your feed, that's guaranteed.

You'll work with a dedicated social media coordinator, our creative team and strategists. This allows us to offer a dynamic, collaborative and personal relationship. Which will make you see us as an extension of your business rather than "another agency".

Animated GIF of our client's Instagram feeds
Branding mockups and collateral for Stan's Grill

Branding services made in Melbourne

Your brand is the essence of your business. A logo doesn't give you an identity, a full branding exercise does. Our branding services include: strategy, logo development, typography, colours, branded assets and guidelines.

We begin by understanding your story, and aspirations. Then we run to our studio and start jotting down ideas on a giant whiteboard. From here the creative process is in full swing and we'll deliver you 3 directions. Finally, we will be narrowing it all down to the final product.

Whether you need to build a brand from scratch, or do a rebrand, we'll bring your vision to life. Our in-house graphic designers and branding experts will make it a smooth experience.

Local SEO services for locals

You got a great product, but your customers can't find you? Being found is everything. Here's why we deploy our SEO services and increase brands' discoverability.

‍Search Engine Optimisation may sound mechanical and complicated, but it's rather simple. First it's about understanding what users are searching for and why. Then it comes down to strategy and making improvements to rank higher on Google. We can do this for you.

‍Our Melbourne SEO specialists will start bauditing your site. Then they will move onto keywords research and website performance optimisation. Finally, the work will be carried over with constant improvements for real results. Ultimately, being discovered on Google generate large numbers of bookings and sales.

SEO service results mocked up on iMac screen

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of return should I expect?

The most immediate return will be time, time that you get back by not having to deal with all things social media. Most of our clients give us firsthand feedback on how they gained a lot by deploying their time back into other areas of their business. Then, you should expect to be able to see an aesthetic elevation of your brand, a stronger online presence and an organic audience growth. By having more eyes on you, brand consideration will increase, which will lead to higher conversion.

Are your packages flexible?

Funny that you ask, because being flexible is second nature for us, and also an important component for how we want to provide our services. In fact, 9 out of 10 of our clients are on a tailored social media package. As the saying goes: no one size fits all. The reason is quite simple: we want to work with you and help your brand based on your brief, budget and requirements which may require adding, removing or tweaking a few items of our standard packages.

Which industries do you work with?

In 4 words: ONLY food and beverages. We work with hospitality, wine, beer, coffee, drinks and food brands.

What’s the process once I sign up?

This will be covered in our on-boarding email, but basically it’ll be as follows: You will need to fill in our media kit, send us any brand assets or collateral, provide any credentials to access your channels and voila! From there we will review the media kit, come up with a strategy and book a photoshoot to create content. Finally, we’ll be live.

What services do you specialise in?

Organic and brand building services applied to social media. This includes content creation, copywriting, branding, photography, graphic design, marketing strategy, studio production, content ideas and distribution. We also make a mean coffee, as our founder has been in the coffee game for a long time, hence the barista skills…