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Our content creation services are for brands that are in need for creativity. We work as a one-off gig, or an ongoing basis. Our content creators can generate ideas or follow your brief, resulting in quality content.

Studio product photograph of Gojé vegan frozen yoghurt cups

The content creation agency for you

Creativity is our passion, see it through our lenses.


Whether you need ongoing content or a one off shoot, our passion is to capture the essence of your business. We excel in food and drink photography. We create inviting, moody and aesthetic images that will transform your brand. Prepare to be amazed.

Reels and Short Videos

Short format videos are disrupting the world of content creation. They are the best way to tell your brand's story and connect with your customers. From ideas to shooting, we create and edit all the visuals for you.

Food Styling

Food styling is an art form. By meticulously curating each shot, we aim to to let the audience savour it before even trying it. We want them to literally eat through their phones.

Studio Photography

We couldn't do it without our Photography Studio. It allows us to capture classic product shots as well as candid lifestyle moments. Designed to replicate real-life scenes, it provides the perfect backdrop for your vision. Our clients do not need to pay additional rental fees.

Event Photography

We cover industry events with images, videos and live streaming. We create immersive, emotional, memorable content while you're running the event. Whether it's a trade show or a launch event, we'll come with cameras and phones in our hands.

Content Curation

The process that makes our creativity thrive. Here's where ideas are made before bringing the content to life. We curate digital narratives with originality, fostering deep connections between brands and audiences. Your story, crafted by us.

Why brands need content creation services?

Content is king, we've heard this before, but why? Businesses used to rely on old form of media like radio and newspapers to get people's attention. But now things have changed. With consumers online, content tailored for platforms like Instagram and TikTok is essential.

In 2024 content creation isn't optional, it's vital for a many reasons. First, it builds trust, forming lasting connections with your audience. Then it enhances your online presence and increases your brand recognition by default. Finally, consistency defines your brand, making it unforgettable. Relevant content will also play the role of attracting a broader audience.

Hiring a digital content agency is easier than creating your own content. You won't need to hire social media content creators or buy expensive equipment. Instead, you can leave it to us.

Slideshow showreel of our photography for hospitality clients

How can a content creation agency help?

A content creation agency can be your business' greatest partner. The importance of compelling visual content cannot be overstated. Partnering with a professional content agency offers many advantages.

‍One benefit is the cost-effectiveness and time-saving aspect. Creating content, in photo or video form, is not easy and resource heavy. Working with an agency will save you time, and you won't need to buy expensive equipment. Another good reason to collaborate with a digital content agency is their expertise. Agencies are made by seasoned photographers and videographers, all excelling in content creation. From filming to editing, their range of skills, ensures quality content.

Content agencies will bring fresh, outside perspectives. They can identify unique angles, craft relevant narratives, and create trending videos. Partnering with them will elevate your content, deliver stunning visual and translate in impactful results.

What sets our
creative agency apart

Our content creation agency is obsessed with excellence. Quality is our priority, as we believe that every piece of content should be a masterpiece. Our dedicated team delivers any content type, from short videos, to stunning photos.

We are truly committed to our niche: we love only working within the food and beverage scene. This brings a wealth of experience, each shoot. We work with the best food photographers hands down, that's why our content sets brands apart.

We keep a constant eye on the latest social media trends and creative styles. This guarantees fresh and relevant content, always. With us, you're not just getting photos and videos, you get a library of evergreen content. Our photography studio in Melbourne is the cherry on top. Here we can help brands bringing their products to life and make them pop.

Photo grid of our event and action photography for cafes

Any project, anywhere.

From event coverage to ongoing campaigns. We love creating content to match both your vision and brief. We can shoot in our studio, or we can fly to you (literally).

Gojé fro-yo studio photography case study link

Goje — The only frozen yogurt you'll need

After a transformative rebranding, Goje partnered up with us to execute a studio production photoshoot . The brief was to showcase the diversity and quality of GoJe's products through an exploration of flavours and textures. Stylistically, the direction was to go for a poppy, hard-flash aesthetic, aligning with the desired tone.

Toby's Estate barista competition event in Brisbane

Toby's Swirl Club — The Ultimate Barista Comp

"Toby's Swirl Club", a fun barista tournament. They came to us with a challenge: capture every moment of their Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney event in their unique visual style. Why? One, to stock up on months of delectable social media content. Two, to have a library full of footage ready for advertising next year's event.

Photography and videography

Enough talking.
Let’s shoot some content.

We are not just a content creation agency. We are a socially-led agency with dedicated content creators that will take good care of your brand.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of return should I expect?

The most immediate return will be time, time that you get back by not having to deal with all things social media. Most of our clients give us firsthand feedback on how they gained a lot by deploying their time back into other areas of their business. Then, you should expect to be able to see an aesthetic elevation of your brand, a stronger online presence and an organic audience growth. By having more eyes on you, brand consideration will increase, which will lead to higher conversion.

Are your packages flexible?

Funny that you ask, because being flexible is second nature for us, and also an important component for how we want to provide our services. In fact, 9 out of 10 of our clients are on a tailored social media package. As the saying goes: no one size fits all. The reason is quite simple: we want to work with you and help your brand based on your brief, budget and requirements which may require adding, removing or tweaking a few items of our standard packages.

Which industries do you work with?

In 4 words: ONLY food and beverages. We work with hospitality, wine, beer, coffee, drinks and food brands.

What’s the process once I sign up?

This will be covered in our on-boarding email, but basically it’ll be as follows: You will need to fill in our media kit, send us any brand assets or collateral, provide any credentials to access your channels and voila! From there we will review the media kit, come up with a strategy and book a photoshoot to create content. Finally, we’ll be live.

What services do you specialise in?

Organic and brand building services applied to social media. This includes content creation, copywriting, branding, photography, graphic design, marketing strategy, studio production, content ideas and distribution. We also make a mean coffee, as our founder has been in the coffee game for a long time, hence the barista skills…