Superfoods that make you feel supergood.

Berŕygood is an organic superfood bar located in Elwood. Serving up a delicious and nutritious menu on the daily (think: Açaí, Smoothies, Pressed Juices) they’re sure to become a go-to for healthy lifestyles. Their point of difference is a commitment to freshness — meaning no ingredient is pre-packaged — a bold yet entirely worthwhile feat.







The Brief

Berŕygood intended to embody the essence: “organic, fresh, friendly”. We were tasked with creating branding that would reflect those values and help take their business to the next level. Reflecting Berŕygood’s USP in their logo design and other collateral was done with deep research and a contextual understanding of other prominent businesses in the current Açaí bowl landscape.

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The Work

Aligned with the brief, we created a logo that reflected the organic and fresh nature of the brand through subtle and unique textures, sans any obvious iconography. This was perfectly counterbalanced with a bold and fun sans-serif font to convey neighbourly lively-ness. From there, we created a colour palette reflective of the beautiful, rich, grape tones of an Açaí bowl, paired with a tumble-weed green and saturated with a warm beige overtone. The fonts selected for headings and hero text were taken from the logo itself, enhancing brand continuity, and the body copy font was curated for easy readability. These branding elements were compiled into a comprehensive style guide, alongside collateral mockups inclusive of Açaí cups, t-shirts for staff, merchandise, signage and stickers.

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