Chanelle Chung
August 13, 2023

Campaign Case Study: "The Best of A1 Bakery"

This campaign was shared over 100 times. See how we helped A1 Bakery achieve local virality with this quick and dirty campaign.


The main aim of this campaign was to drive higher levels of audience engagement among their devoted followers while simultaneously generating significant momentum for the grand opening of their new store in Fitzroy.

Campaign strategy:

The strategy of the ‘Best of A1’ campaign was to create an interactive competition that compared their most popular selling products against each other. This approach aimed to not only captivate their audience but also stimulate their interest in the brand and its offerings. By leveraging the power of comparison, the campaign highlighted each of their popular baked goods, creating a buzz and fostering healthy competition among their followers.

To ensure widespread participation and maximise engagement, the campaign was introduced on their Instagram feed but the voting was strategically integrated into A1's story. This allowed for seamless interaction, as followers could easily add in their votes with Instagram’s poll function and express their preferences directly within the story. By leveraging this feature, the brand created a sense of inclusivity and empowered their audience to play an active role in determining the outcome of the competition.

The competition ran over the span of a week and a half. This timeframe allowed the opportunity for followers to rally behind their favourite A1 baked goods, campaign for their preferred choices, and keep the momentum going. It also provided the brand with enough time to generate buzz, sustain audience interest, and maintain a consistent level of engagement throughout the competition. By involving their audience in the decision-making process and giving them a voice, the brand solidified their relationship with their loyal customers and brought some fun to their Instagram feed.


This campaign achieved an increase in both content reach and overall engagement, with a +7 increase in content reach and a notable +40 increase in overall engagement. The last voting poll on their stories reached a total of 3,216 individuals, meaning a large sum of their followers were invested in voting for the ‘Best of A1’. Moreover, the final post announcing the winner reached an impressive 7,133 accounts and garnered 105 shares and 11 saves. This campaign proved to be highly successful in fostering engagement among A1 bakery's devoted followers and igniting lively discussions about their personal favourites from A1's offerings.