The Only Frozen Yogurt You'll Need

Born in the heart of Yarraville in 2014, their frozen yoghurt is a testament to local love and plant-powered perfection. Made on-site, from scratch, every single morning with a cashew base and never from pre-mix. With an endless array of combinations, there’s always something for everyone at their store.






The Brief

After a transformative rebranding made by PomPom, Goje partnered up with us to execute a studio production photoshoot . The brief was to showcase the diversity and quality of GoJe's products through an exploration of flavours and textures. Stylistically, the direction was to go for a poppy, hard-flash aesthetic, aligning with the desired tone. Our main focus encompassed playful fro-yo cup shots, top-down angles highlighting toppings, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and artistic close-ups highlighting textures and toppings. This to support the beautiful new branded cups, as well as their digital branding assets. From here, we were tasked to take over their social media channels and blend all creatives into the feed.

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The Work

We began with our studio photoshoot, which delivered all the assets mentioned in the brief. These truly made the packaging and Goje’s products pop. The close ups, textures elements and the ingredients were the 3 pillars that brought it all together. These evocative images were meticulously crafted to stir cravings and awaken the senses.

Next, we incorporated graphic elements into the visuals, this enhanced further the fact that Goje did, in fact, rebrand. Finally, to complement these visuals, our clever and engaging copywriting was the final touch. The tone of voice elevated the brand narrative and rendered it even more irresistible to their audience.

In essence, our work was a visual and narrative voyage that not only showcased GoJe's products but also highlighted their new branding.

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