Toby's Estate Coffee Swirl Club

Specialty coffee roasting at its finest.

Step into the world of Toby's Estate Coffee, where every sip is a testament to decades of passion and expertise. Renowned for their meticulous bean selection and roasting mastery, Toby's Estate has perfected the art of crafting exceptional coffee. Their unwavering pursuit of innovation, flavours, and unique blends has earned them a beloved spot in cafes across Australia, making them a household name that coffee enthusiasts trust and cherish.


Toby's Estate





The Brief

Toby's Estate was touring Australia for "Toby's Swirl Club", their barista tournament. They came to us with a challenge: capture every moment of the Brisbane event in their unique visual style. Why? One, to stock up on months of delectable social media content. Two, to have a library full of footage ready for advertising next year's event.

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The Work

Our attendance at the event allowed us to capture significant moments throughout the night, providing Toby's Estate with engaging content for diverse platforms. We then crafted video content that mirrored their brand style, and employed hard flash techniques to encapsulate images that embodied Toby's Estate. Our event coverage amplified the event’s reach and extended its visibility beyond the attendees to a larger audience—this helped to create buzz, attract potential future attendees, and enhanced the event's overall reputation.

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