St. Domenico

A True Italian Experience in the heart of Richmond

St. Domenico comes always to mind when we think of Italian food in Richmond. The team has built a fantastic reputation for their quality and authenticity. Remaining true to themselves has been their key to success. Home to the "All You Can Eat Gnocchi" and listed as Top20 Pizza places in Melbourne for 10 years consecutively. A true Richmond icon.


St. Domenico Pizzeria




The Brief

The St. Domenico team had been handling their online presence on their own and needed some help. Their main concern was web traffic and search engine related issues. Eager to boost their online presence and climb the Google rankings and get more eyeballs on their website.
After an in-depth SEO audit what stood out was: several critical SEO and website performance issues, broken links, improper meta tag setup, excessive page weight, and design inconsistencies. These issues were hindering their online presence and user experience. Our mission was to fix these first, before diving into strategy.

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The Work

Our initial focus was on resolving the website performance issues. We were able to bring the website score from 31 to 94 within the first week, which makes Google very happy.

Next on the list, trimming down the website weight and removing those heavy files. For consistency, we implemented standardised fonts, buttons, and text styles across the board. We untangled the messy layout, assigning each section its dedicated page. Navigation received a boost with the addition of a user-friendly footer, and the menu page underwent a transformation for a smoother reading and clicking experience.

On the content front, we are going to spread out the sections to enhance searchability and rankings. Finally, we're looking at migrating from Squarespace to Webflow to provide even a stronger performance.

Updated January 2024. More changes to come soon.

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