Prepare to be romanced.

If you’re looking for a dark, moody, and sultry restaurant/cafe that does it all, Bottarga in Brighton will be your new go-to.

Founded by Somi and Federico, their philosophy is to keep it simple while also crafting a strong sense of nostalgia and focusing on elevating the dining experience.






The Brief

With years of expert experience in the hospitality industry, and a deep love for providing unforgettable experiences, Bottarga came to us looking to translate the physical and sensory experience of their restaurant into the online space. Through this, their goal was to further build their reputation as the authority on food and drink across a carefully crafted day and night menu.

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The Work

 We’ve worked with Bottarga to bring their social media presence to life, creating beautifully written copy that flirts with irresistible and tempting photography; resulting in an alluring aesthetic that encapsulates the modern Italian dining experience.

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