Naked Life Spirits

For drinking when you're not.

As the non-alcoholic sector grows by the day, Naked Life Spirits have used this growing interest to launch their classic cocktail-inspired alcohol-free drinks.

There are many reasons why people choose to stay sober, and Naked Life Spirits provides a drool-worthy drink for every occasion.


Naked Life Spirits




The Brief

Constantly pushing to provide solutions for people who choose not to drink for whatever reason, Naked Life Spirits have made their products widely accessible by launching their drinks in leading supermarkets such as Coles and Woolworths, as well as online retailers specialising in the non-alcoholic sector.

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The Work

We teamed up with Naked Life Spirits to highlight the quality of the cocktails and the purpose of the brand, by creating a simple and delicate studio photoshoot that focuses on each cocktail and its selling point. Through creating a gentle, dreamy, and elegant aesthetic, we’ve helped communicate the brand’s mission that encourages people to be more and do more, without missing out on special moments.

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