A1 Bakery Fitzroy Launch

An iconic brand in an iconic suburb

A1 Bakery, who the hell doesn't know them? If you don't, don't walk: RUN! A traditional Lebanese bakery that became a true institution, and it all started from their Brunswick store. We have had the privilege to work with the 3 brothers behind the brand for many years by managing their social media. In April 2023 we got the news: we're opening in Fitzroy! So, we pulled our sleeves up and came up with a campaign to launch the new store.


A1 Bakery




The Brief

The goal was simple: creating a campaign to increase their engagement and boost the new store. We knew exactly where to start from: their unbelievable community. A1 Bakery Fitzroy needed to reach the core community, but especially those followers that don't live in proximity to their Brunswick store. So how can we create a hype around an established brand? 🤔 We got to work and came up with: The Best of A1 Bakery!

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The Work

It all started from one strong conviction: people love A1 Bakery baked goods, and people have arguments over which one is the BEST in their eyes. From here, we moved to our faithful whiteboard and started jotting down ideas on how we could stir these feelings, and turn it into an engaging, fun and effective campaign. Then the idea struck: creating a competition where the audience is in charge, to declare the true champion.

We selected the 8 most favourite items: Zaatar, Cheese Pie, Spinach & Cheese Triangle, Sujuk Pizza, Meat Pizza, Shanklish Pie, A1 Special and Labne Pizza. Then our graphic designer Tye went for it and hand drawn each item in a fun, cartoon like style to match the brand identity. From here the road was defined, we just needed to execute it, and so we did.

Armed of beautiful visual elements, we introduced the campaign to the audience and it simply blew up: 745 likes, double that in shares and over 100 comments 🤯 The stage was set, and we started posting polls on stories to get the quarter final and semifinals winners, to then declare the grand final.

Not to our surprise it was down to the Cheese Pie and the Spinach Cheese Triangle...the Cheese Pie won!

The result on surface may appear simple: great, now we know people love the cheese pie. BUT, the real result was record breaking engagement rate that resulted in media publication interest and more importantly a few sold out weeks for their new store.

This was a simple, yet effective way to communicate and “promote” the new Fitzroy store. Numbers wise, the page gained well over 2,000 followers and the highest story views of all times. Feel free to scroll back and look at hundred of comments from the A1 community, talking about their favourite items. This campaign ramped up engagement and solidified brand equity.

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