We bet your local cafe uses ACME.

While searching for the perfect cups to use in their own cafes, the team behind ACME Cups Australia discovered New Zealand based porcelain cups, ACME and Co. Drawn to their quality and range, they became the official distributor of ACME cups in Australia.






The Brief

As a New Zealand based company, the biggest point of substance was introduing the craft and design of ACME into not the Australian and global markets. This required a strong online presence with unique features to develop a recognisable, evocative feel.

Stack of three white coffee cups
Pouring filter coffee from Kalita jug into black cups
Acme Co. + Maruasa Tajimi collaboration coffee cups
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The Work

Together, we created a polished, refined, and elegant aesthetic for ACME Cups Australia. Through studio and web photography, and marketing campaights — all hallmarked with subtle pops of colour, and high-quality user-generated content — we communicated the excellence and iconicness of the brand to the Australian coffee market.

Set of small white coffee cups on pink background
Man using AeroPress to little green coffee mug
Three minimalist round ceramic coffee cups on a pastel orange background
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