Latte art in the palm of your hand.

Filling gaps in the coffee market is Subminimal’s specialty, and boy are they good at it. The inaugural product, the NanoFoamer, with its successors the NanoFoamer Lithium and V2, provide a solution for coffee aficionados searching for a handheld milk foamer that can create premium machine-quality microfoam.






The Brief

As a startup, Subminimal came to us to help lift their ideas off the ground, and with the right tone of voice and appropriate coffee lingo we helped guide them into the coffee scene. As the brand evolved alongside us, we were involved in orchestrating the digital end of their launch campaign for the latest NanoFoamer versions, and we crafted influencer marketing campaigns to help support this launch.

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The Work

Subminimal invited us into their world to help them market their innovative products on social media and to create global awareness. Through studio photography and in-house video creation we have captured the Subminimal products in a sophisticated, refined, and polished light; and combined with regular influencer marketing campaigns, we have created imagery worthy of featuring on the global stage.

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