Vacation Coffee

Need a holiday? Vacation will take you there.

Amazing coffee without any of the frills, high standards when it comes to the hospitality industry, and a destination location, Vacation Coffee’s mission is to provide good food, coffee, and service without making it complicated.


Vacation Coffee




The Brief

With lofty ceilings that create the illusion of more space than there actually is, Vacation Coffee came to us with the goal of portraying the small-but-mighty CBD cafe in all of its minimal pastel glory.

With a limited menu and delicious brews, Vacation Coffee relies on classic tropical iconography to evoke the relaxed and calm feeling of being on holiday.

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The Work

Naturally evolving from an existing relationship, Vacation Coffee first engaged with our services to help improve their online image, and since then we have seen them grow from roasting in coworking space to having their own roasting space out the back of a Brunswick favourite destination.

Combining key elements of camaraderie, merchandise, and of course, lots of coffee, we used imagery and copywriting to create a soft and welcoming aesthetic that invites everyone in with open arms.

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