Naked Life Bevs

Enjoy life sugar free.

Searching for classic tasting and exciting soft drinks without any of the sugar? Naked Life Beverages have got you covered. With a range of soft drinks and iced teas to choose from that are naturally sugar-free, Naked Life Beverages are on a mission to show that you can live healthy without sacrificing the things you love.


Naked Life Bevs




The Brief

With products on the shelves of Australian supermarkets, Naked Life Beverages approached us to help them create an online image that reflects their brand ethos and goals. Part of our work with Naked Life Beverages involved assisting them with launches of exciting new products by focusing of consumer driven strategies.

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The Work

We worked with Naked Life Beverages to transform their tone of voice into gorgeous imagery and grow the awareness of the brand on social media. Through studio photography, we created a warm and rich aesthetic that reflects the essence of each flavour of soft drink and ultimately communicates to the audience that they don’t have to miss out on life’s fun moments.

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