Fat Miilk

Vietnamese coffee takes America.

Fat Miilk is a female-founded company based in America, built on the grounds of integrity and courage. By bringing Vietnamese Robusta beans to the international market, and repopularising both the traditional slow drip “phin” filter — and the original iced coffee (with sweetened condensed milk, named the cà phê sũ’a đá), Fat Miilk is a leading player in the American coffee industry.


Fat Milk




The Brief

Bold, disruptive, and striking. These are the words that surround the young startup, Fat Miilk. Each roast of theirs is equal parts authentic and modern. Their coffee embodies not only a distinct Vietnamese flavour, but also acts as a support mascot for the day ahead — to encourage drinkers to go “#beyondthedrip” and carve out their own path in life.

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The Work

We worked with Fat Miilk to bring this coffee revolution to life through vibrant imagery, including studio shots splashed in primary colours. These visuals were combined with captions that explored the origins of Vietnamese coffee and the specific characteristics of the Robusta bean. Intwined in the feed, our in-house graphic designer developed character animations of the brand’s founder Lan Ho to encapsulate the loud, free, and bold attitude of Fat Miilk.

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