Prefisso 3088

Wood-fire pizza joint hidden in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

Situated on a quiet corner within the burbs, you’ll find the Prefisso team stretching out pizza bases and serving up mouth-watering homemade Italian dishes. With an open view into their pizza station, you’re able to grab a seat nearby and watch where all the magic happens from forming the dough to adding on the toppings. This hidden little gem goes to show that there’s no need to travel closer into the city for delicious authentic Italian food.


Prefisso 3088




The Brief

With the long hours put into making dishes from scratch and the careful consideration behind each ingredient, Prefisso was seeking content that would position themselves to be a dominant ‘fresh and authentic’ Italian restaurant. Since their location was quite hidden, exposure and brand awareness was the ultimate goal. After all, offering good food doesn't do much if no-one knows about it.

Wine glass featuring Preffiso 3088 logo staged in front of pasta dish
Paccheri pasta with slow-cooked beef cheek ragu
Wood-fired meat lovers pizza
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The Work

When people landed on Prefisso’s page we wanted them to automatically associate the brand with the words ‘fresh’ ‘authentic’ and ‘quality’. We made it our sole mission to capture the little moments that would help showcase their handcrafted excellence. By capturing the process of the pizza being made to the people behind the food, this generated a positive response from the audience that ultimately built brand awareness and increased overall engagement.

Chef throwing pizza dough, flour in the air
Four pizzas cooking in open wood oven
Prefisso 3088 pizza boxes with chef cooking in the background
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