Jess Lu
February 15, 2023

10 Best Food Influencers in Melbourne

We’ve compiled a list of the ten best food influencers in Melbourne. 

AJ the videographer shooting content in iPhone

Social media platforms, like Instagram and TikTok, have been tools for almost anybody to take a hold of what they have and run with it. You’ll often find beauty influencers, travel vloggers, or comedians taking over these platforms. But if you, like me, have stumbled across the food side of Instagram, you would know there’s so much to be found in the delicious, mouth watering videos of these influencers. From recommendations to collaborations, these food influencers can sometimes control the tide of where the public go to eat! Just look at what food critic Keith Lee did for this small Las Vegas restaurant.

So, if you want to find the best places to eat in Melbourne, or you’re just curious about the food scene in this abundant city, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best food influencers in Melbourne. And if you’ve got a business that could use a boost, it might be valuable to reach out to these self-made food critics. Who knows where it could go!

1. @ieatmelbourne - 104K

This foodie family reviews food from all walks of life. They started out doing casual reviews, and have now grown to a point where they’re reviewing fine dining restaurants with an invitation. At 104K followers they have a reach that spreads across the city of Melbourne. Their instagram has a homely vibe that makes it easy fall in love with and follow!

2. @melbveganguide - 30K

If vegan food is more up your alley this page will give you a comprehensive guide on the best vegan spots in Melbourne. They work across breakfast, lunch and dinners. They’re the Melbourne splinter of World Vegan Guides, who work with vegan restaurants to find the tastiest food. And they do way more than review. They’ve got guides, recipes, product recommendations and so much more!

3. @melhotornot - 12K

Introducing Joyce Watts! Her instagram Melbourne Hot or Not reviews food, art and travel locations. She works across the cultural melting pot that is Melbourne, and mostly focuses on family friendly reviews. A former “IT and media lawyer turned entrepreneur”, Joyce knows what’s hot or not in Melbourne!

4. @burgersofmelbourne - 52K

Who doesn’t love a good burger? And no-one does burger reviews better than Burgers of Melbourne. They review the tastiest burgers across the city, review the things that come with burgers (like shakes and fries), and they’ve got a comprehensive guide on their website. If you go by their recommendations you won’t go amiss.

5. @foodiemelbourne - 100K

Mum of two, and culinary expert, Foodie Melbourne reviews fine dining, home cooking kits and everything in between. She takes stunning food photos, and knows how to find the balance between nutritious and delicious (with the cheeky cake in between!).

6. @forksake - 53K

Their play-on-words name is exactly what you’ll be saying as you look through their mouth watering photos. You’ll get fun insights into the launches of Melbourne’s favourite new restaurants, and a well rounded experience of the food. Fork Sake has the down low on delicious food in Melbourne. They’ve got affordable options as well as the best fine dining experiences you can find in Melbourne.

7. @melbfoodieee - 102K

Cutie pie Ailene reviews the yummiest food across Melbourne. With a whopping 305K followers on TikTok, she’s got the 20-somethings covered for food recommendations. Her colourful Instagram is a nice change from the minimal, and she makes sure to include the address of the places she goes, so you can try it too!

8. @topfoodmelbourne - 101K

Top Food Melbourne prides itself on its beautiful layout, and comprehensive guide to “Brekky, Brunch & Lunch” in Melbourne. They helpfully add the price of each dish they eat in the photo description, and when you tag them in a story they’ll repost. And they have an excellent “Search by Map” website. The perfect foodie guide!

9. @southsidemelbourne - 30K

This content creator has the southside of Melbourne covered. They’ve gotten almost the entire south region of Melbourne covered, with recommendations for markets, alcohol, smoothies, desserts and way, way more. They’re also open to collabs and promotions!

10. @2wofatgirls - 16K

Priding herself on a “Fatty tummy, skinny wallet” this fun, food loving page is dedicated to the delicious spread of delights that Melbourne offers. She’s got a blog that is honest, and heartwarmingly humble. She’s an Australian Good Food Guide recommended blogger, and their DMs are open to collabs!

Melbourne is a culinary paradise, and it can be overwhelming trying to figure where to eat! (Side note: you can find our guide to the best affordable restaurants here.) These influencers will be a compass to the best food in Melbourne, and might help your business boom with customers looking to try that famous, delicious menu item.