Krishaa Tulsiani
November 11, 2021

Communication is Key

The most organic way to bring attention to your Instagram account is to engage!

Man sitting in front of laptop and iPad

The most organic way to bring attention to your Instagram account is to engage! By communicating with your followers and posts on your feed, you are putting your name out there. One of the most important factors that goes into engagement rates is the amount of communication that happens. Interaction is a MUST on Instagram - replying to comments on your posts, sharing other accounts’ content, and commenting on similar posts will help with your engagement! 📈

Let's break it down first, what actually is an engagement rate, and how do you calculate it? In simple terms, Instagram’s engagement rate is the sum of the likes and comments a post receives divided by the total number of followers that account has! This metric is considered to be a lot more beneficial than just looking at likes and comments on each post. Going deeper under the surface of your likes and comments can really allow you to see how your audience is engaging with your content! 🧑🏼💻 

Effective communication with your target audience has been found to increase engagement significantly, which is why it is so important to remain consistent with your posts and continuously engage with other content! To increase engagement on your own profile, you need to engage with other content too! This means commenting, starting conversations, liking and saving posts! That’s all COMMUNICATION! 💌

Likes and comments are the main forms of communication, and these are super beneficial. However, social media users often forget about other ways you can interact on Instagram! Saves are found to be one of the best ways to engage in a post as it informs the algorithm that the content is relevant and interesting to YOU. Sharing content on your story is also another great form of communication, and asking questions and creating polls allows your audience to further engage with your content (and you get to know them better too!). This can then lead to new conversations with your followers, making your connection a more meaningful and honest one! 

We can’t forget about direct messages too! Although it's not seen by your followers, this private communication is a more personal arena where you are able to really connect with your audience by engaging in conversations. Don’t forget to check your message requests too, they are important! 

So, there you have it, your breakdown guide of IG’s engagement rates and communication! It’s so important to keep the communication flowing with your followers, not just to improve your engagement, but to really understand what your audience love to see from you! If you’d like to learn more or you’ve got a few questions you need answers to, feel free to connect with us!