Jess Lu
March 31, 2023

Why You Should Hire A Professional Photographer

We’ve outlined the most essential reasons you should hire a professional photographer for your hospitality business.

It’s easy to dismiss the value of bringing in a professional photographer for your business when everyone has a smartphone with a pretty decent camera. But while we can take Instagram worthy photos with our phones, the need for a professional photographer becomes relevant for web design, promotional campaigns, and other necessary hooks for your business to thrive. Social media upkeep for your business is vital for business wellbeing, and you can do that darn well with the right angles and lighting on an iPhone. However, professional photographers have the skills and training to take your food and business photos to new levels. We’ve outlined the most essential reasons you should hire a professional photographer for your hospitality business.

Bringing In New Customers

This one’s easy. With eye catching, mouth watering photos your business page on google, and your website will bring in many new customers with each swipe through the gallery. As a consumer, there’s no bigger turn off than clicking onto a new café, and finding grainy, blurry or terribly framed photos of otherwise delicious meals. Customers want to see what they can buy at your restaurant, and what it looks like in its final form; basically, what will turn up on the table in front of them when they order your special of the day. The professional photographer will bring in the appropriate equipment to find the best lighting, angles, and editing for your dishes, fast becoming the face of your business.

Useful For Events And Catering

Whether your business caters events or not, it’s incredibly helpful and insightful for clients and customers alike to have professional photos of meals and products on your website. Should your business do catering for events, clients can immediately get a sense of the food, and if the dishes align with their concept for the event. Professional photos will allow you to clearly convey the overall image of your food and menu design, and easily convince potential clients to hire your services for their event. Even if your business does not cater, a client might like to use your café or restaurant as a setting for important meetings, or celebrations. The photos of your menu items will be an important factor in their decision-making process, without the need for communication about the ‘vibe’ of your menu or restaurant.

Website Design And Image

When you’ve got your website up and running, it’s super important to have professional photos of your restaurant and café, and some photos of the food you serve. Alongside this need, it’s imperative to make sure these images are descriptive enough, so when people are browsing your site and clicking through the menu they can see the types of food, and the atmosphere your restaurant can provide for them. A professional photographer will block out a morning for your business to work with you on finding the right aspects of your café or restaurant to put forwards. And the images will be high resolution and edited, so no matter what device the customer finds your website on they can see your café in all its high-def glory. It’ll give a sense of conscientiousness and overall care for the quality of your business.

Nothing Can Beat It

Seriously. Nothing can. You can make your mightiest effort taking the perfect photo on your phone, or even on your own DSLR camera, but nothing can beat the skill and years of experience a professional photographer can bring to your business. In collaboration with them you can work together to find the right angles, and aspects for your business, which otherwise wouldn’t be revealed with in an inside eye. You’ll easily make back the costs you’ve spent, with the increased foot-traffic and interest in your café/restaurant.

If you need a hand finding the right photographer, or even an outside eye to find what your business needs to boost interest, chat to us. We can work with you for your business and level up your social media marketing game.