Laura Craig
April 13, 2022

10 Ways to Use Instragram Stories

Here are some simple but effective ways you can use the stories function:

The Instagram stories function is a great way to interact with your customers and to share your brand in a personal way.

Here are some simple but effective ways you can use the stories function:

  1. Share Reels after you post them – this increases the number of people who will see your Reel
  2. Share posts you have made or share your customers tagged images by sharing their post to your story
  3. Re-share other people’s stories which you think will resonate with your audience
  4. Post a link to your site, or to an article about your business
  5. Engage with other users using the @Mention sticker – this could be customers, suppliers, staff, councils, local organisations, and so on!
  6. Ask customers to add their photos to a collection using the Add Yours Camera sticker. This is a great way to encourage customers to photograph your product from their perspective
  7. Use the slider to ask what they think of a new product or idea
  8. Ask your audience questions – this is great for customer feedback. You can then re-share the best answers
  9. Engage your audience in a poll – these are great for trivia and a bit of fun
  10. Share candid photos or videos taken behind the scenes of your business operations for example, the making process of your product

Let us know which of these tips you’ll be trying out!

This article was written by Laura Craig. Laura is a business owner and marketing specialist with a passion for creative communications, with a strong background in hospitality management and graphic design.