Krishaa Tulsiani
September 23, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Content Consistently

It's all too common for content creation to get left by the wayside when things get busy. Here are our tips for keeping up with it:

Behind-the-scenes shot of photographer working in studio

When you’re super busy with your day to day operations, we know how social media can often be overlooked.

The issue is, whilst it’s absolutely integral to generate content that is engaging and adds value for your consumers, it’s often a game of quantity.

For example, if you are publishing one post sporadically (and focusing on the quality of content), it’s amazing for the people that find and follow your page — but you’re going to reach much fewer people (which also means a smaller pool of people that absolutely love your account).

So here’s a quick guide to creating content that showcases your brand whilst staying consistent.

Step 1. Developing a Strategy

We love being ambitious. But often, a super robust strategy simply isn’t realistic for the average one-man-show. Plus, it’s often better to publish 2 or 3 times a week, than publish 10 posts in the span on 5 days, and then be offline for a week or two.

So, we suggest finding your “base”. The absolute minimum number of posts you need to create per week or month to stay relevant to your customers. Commit to that, and then create posts or stories above and beyond when you have something exciting to share, are in the mood, or have some spare time on your hands.

Step 2. Embracing the Content Batch

If you haven’t heard of content batching, well then… we don’t know where you’ve been. Content batching is essentially creating time-consuming content over a few hour time period, as opposed to daily. This reduces a lot of the time you spend flicking between tasks, setting up equipment (such as your camera), and can generally give your brain more time to prioritise other tasks without having social media constantly at the forefront.

However, while embracing content batching is (pretty much) critical, you can still tailor it to your schedule.

Step 3. Finding Time That Works for You

It’s best to integrate social media into your day in a way that works best for you. There are some people that find it way too hard to think about publishing content in the average day (they are too busy putting out more important fires), and others that prefer creating individual pieces of content on the daily.

If you're the former:

We suggest sitting down at the start of each month, consulting your minimum number or posts and forward planning: are there any important days for your business? Are there any exciting seasonal projects you want to spotlight for the month?

If you’re publishing 3x, you can post 1 tile, 1 professional photo, and 1 piece of User-Generated Content (UGC) a week.

Once you’ve decided on how you want you content plan to look, similar to the above example, go ahead and content batch. This could look like setting a date with your favourite photographer every few months, creating a month’s worth of tiles, trawling through UGC, and uploading everything into your content management system with relevant captions then and there.

If you're the latter:

Perhaps a better content schedule for the month could look like publishing 4x per week.

Two of these posts could be prescheduled, with 1x being a branded tile, and 1x being a professional photo.

Then, each week, you could repost 1x piece of UGC as and when you find it (giving you a little bit of extra creative flexibility), and you could create 1x reel using a trending audio you found.

Step 4. Content Pillars

One other thing to think about when you’re prepping and planning your content is your brand’s content pillars. What do you want your posts to focus on? For example, you could have three pillars: (1) entertainment, (2) educational and (3) internal (such as hiring posts, store opening hours, discounts, introducing the team and so forth.)

Once you’ve come up with a ratio for how you want to balance each of these pillars on your page, it becomes a lot easier when you’re stuck on content or caption ideas.

Step 5. Engagement

Now that you’re creating out-of-the-park, valuable content consistently. You’re gonna have lots more engagement.

This means it’s an important time to cultivate those relationships between the people engaging with your brand and with you and/or your team. The more your consumer has a good vibe from your business, can get responses to questions quickly, and feels included in your ethos, the more they will go from viewer to supporter. Plus, the more you can connect with like-minded people. This is where the real magic of social media happens.

We can’t wait to see how your content strategy goes. Feel free to drop us any questions and we’ll do our best to be helpful!!

This article was written by our in-house Pinterest co-ordinator and blog writer, Krishaa Tulsiani.