Mirko Bonmassar
August 8, 2023

What to Expect from MICE 2023

Experience the ultimate coffee event at MICE2023! Discover cutting-edge technology, innovations, and barista competitions in one place.

Announcement poster for MICE 2023

The Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) is gearing up for its highly anticipated return in 2023. After a triumphant comeback in 2022 following a three-year hiatus, MICE is set to once again showcase the best in coffee technology, innovations, and competitions. As coffee enthusiasts, professionals, and home consumers eagerly await the event, let's explore what to expect from MICE 2023.

Recap of MICE 2022

MICE 2022 marked the end of a three-year hiatus since its last event in 2019. Held between 27 and 30 September at the Melbourne Convention Centre, the expo witnessed over 15,000 attendees, surpassing any previous MICE expo in its history. The event showcased the latest in coffee technology and innovations and hosted the prestigious World Coffee Championships (WCC). Some key highlights of MICE 2022 included the crowning of new barista champions and the unveiling of innovative coffee products. Taiwan’s Shig Yuan Hsu (Sherry) secured the first position in the World Brewers Cup, while Australia’s Anthony Douglas from Axil Coffee Roasters clinched the top spot in the World Barista Championship. Product innovations like the Compass by Nucleus Coffee Tools garnered attention for its potential to enhance the coffee drinking experience. Additionally, the expo placed significant focus on tools for home baristas and brewers, reflecting the rising trend of home brewing alongside traditional coffee shops. MICE 2022 concluded with attendees eager to experiment with their new learnings, reinforcing its status as a platform to share innovations and inspire coffee enthusiasts globally.

WBC coffee champion Anthony Douglas holding trophy
Anthony Douglas 2022 WBC, photo: Specialty Coffee Association

MICE 2023: Anticipation and Excitement

As the coffee community looks forward to MICE 2023, the anticipation and excitement are palpable. With the success of the previous year's event, MICE has solidified its position as Australia's premier coffee-centric trade show. The event provides a unique platform for coffee professionals, businesses, and enthusiasts to converge, fostering interactions, collaborations, and business opportunities. The organisers are determined to build on the momentum generated in 2022 and make MICE 2023 an even grander celebration of coffee excellence.

Expanding Horizons: New Exhibitors

MICE2023 is all set to welcome a diverse range of new exhibitors from both national and international backgrounds. The expansion of the exhibitor list includes roasters, cafes, packaging companies, and traders, among others. Attendees can expect to explore everything essential for their café or hospitality ventures under one roof. Some of the new additions to the MICE family include:

  1. Boomtle: This innovative brand automates the water pouring process, emulating the finesse of hand drip brewing.
  2. EspressoDECK: Offering a custom-designed and built espresso machine, this exhibitor aims to elevate the coffee experience.
  3. Madame Tiger: Introducing a unique barista tiger nut milk, perfect for crafting delectable tiger lattes.
  4. The Cookie Dough Co: Creators of scrumptious loaded cookies reminiscent of those found in New York.
  5. The Packing People: Pioneers as Australia’s inaugural coffee packaging company, providing sustainable packaging solutions.
  6. New Ground Mag: An esteemed coffee publication offering valuable insights into the coffee industry and its latest developments.
  7. Ordermentum: A leading B2B platform connecting cafes and coffee suppliers, fostering business growth and efficiency.

The addition of these new exhibitors promises to enrich the MICE experience and offer attendees a plethora of exciting products and services to explore.

Showcasing Product Innovations

At MICE 2023, the spotlight will shine on the latest and most innovative products in the coffee industry through the MICE Product Innovation Awards. This prestigious recognition celebrates the ingenuity and creativity of exhibitors, offering them a unique opportunity to showcase their cutting-edge products to a wide-ranging audience.

The awards span multiple categories, including Coffee Preparation Equipment, Ancillary Electrical Equipment, and Coffee Accessories. A panel of industry leaders will carefully evaluate each entry, ensuring that only the most exceptional innovations receive this coveted honour r. What's more, attendees of MICE will also have a say in the winners through the People's Choice Award, where they can cast their vote for their favourite product.

Notable 2023 Product Innovation Awards Finalists

Among the outstanding finalists for the 2023 Product Innovation Awards are some remarkable coffee industry innovations that have the potential to revolutionise the way we experience coffee. Here are some of the finalists:

Ancillary Electrical Equipment Category:

  1. NanoFoamer PRO by Coffee Tools Distributing: A revolutionary tool that enhances the coffee drinking experience by monitoring temperature and offering a more educated appreciation of coffee changes and flavours as the beverage cools.
  2. ULTRA RO by Puretec: An advanced reverse osmosis system that ensures water purity and consistency, resulting in a superior coffee brewing process.
  3. Rhino Coffee Gear Spinjet Spray Assembly & Actuator Star 3-EDP by Bombora Coffee + Water Supplies: A cutting-edge spray assembly that maximises the efficiency of espresso machine cleaning, saving time and effort for baristas.

Coffee Preparation Equipment Category:

  1. Linea Micra by La Marzocco Home: A highly innovative and visually stunning espresso machine that combines functionality and smart ergonomics, promising the perfect cup of coffee every time.
  2. Toddy® Go Brewer by Bombora: A versatile and user-friendly brewing system that allows coffee lovers to enjoy cold brew coffee on the go, ensuring a refreshing and flavourful experience.
  3. Franke Mytico by Franke Coffee Systems: A state-of-the-art espresso machine that delivers exceptional in-cup quality, tailored to meet the specific needs of specialty coffee blends.

Coffee Accessories Category:

  1. The Good Cup by Roastar Coffee Packaging: A sustainable and eco-friendly coffee cup that offers coffee enthusiasts a guilt-free way to enjoy their favourite brew, promoting environmental consciousness.
  2. Trimatt ColourStar AQ V by Trimatt Systems: A versatile and aesthetically pleasing coffee tamper, designed to optimise coffee extraction and create a consistent and flavourful espresso shot.
  3. BioPak Certified Home Compostable Coffee Cup and Lids Solution by BioPak: A groundbreaking solution for eco-conscious coffee drinkers, providing fully compostable coffee cups and lids to reduce environmental impact.

The anticipation for MICE 2023 is at an all-time high, as coffee enthusiasts eagerly await the chance to witness these innovative products and cast their votes for the People's Choice Award.

The Richest Barista Competition

One of the most thrilling events at MICE 2023 will undoubtedly be the Richest Barista competition, featuring a staggering prize pool of $40,000. This highly anticipated competition aims to showcase the immense talent of baristas to the public and the wider coffee industry.

The competition will unfold over three days, with competitors engaging in a knock-out style format. Each round will see baristas battling it out for the title, and the stakes are high with the losers automatically eliminated. As the competition progresses, the excitement and tension are bound to be palpable, making for an unforgettable experience for attendees.

Reground Best Practice Guide

One of the exciting exhibitors at MICE 2023 is Reground, a company with a strong foundation in the coffee industry and a remarkable commitment to waste reduction and recycling. With years of experience tackling waste issues, Reground has emerged as a game-changer in the industry.

During their waste audits, Reground noticed a significant concern - soft plastic was being sent to landfills, ranking just behind organic waste. Determined to take action, they made a strategic move by incorporating soft plastic into their ground coffee collection service, successfully diverting a substantial amount away from landfills.

Over time, Reground amassed an impressive collection of over 150 tonnes of recycled soft plastic. As they became well-acquainted with the unique challenges of recycling this material, they realized that businesses and individuals needed more information to make sustainable choices.

To address this, Reground initiated a groundbreaking project that bridged the gap between the coffee industry, packaging manufacturers, and recyclers. Their result - the "Best Practice Guide to Sustainable Soft Plastic Coffee Packaging" - is a valuable resource set to enhance recycling practices within the industry. Be sure to visit Reground's exhibit at MICE 2023 to learn more about their innovative solutions and commitment to sustainability.

Free Tattoo Booth by Brewtech

Brewtech, known for its unconventional approaches, is set to make a unique mark at MICE 2023. They will be operating a free tattoo booth in collaboration with tattoo artist Courtney Leong. The tattoos are designed to reflect various facets of coffee culture, including cascara plants, flaming coffee cups, the La Marzocco lion, and the Mahlkönig EK43. The booth will operate daily from 10 am to 5 pm, providing attendees with an opportunity to add a permanent coffee-inspired touch to their passion for the beverage. Alongside the tattoo booth, Brewtech's stand will feature equipment displays, hands-on demos, international guests, and a merchandise booth. Additionally, they will be giving away a customised Mahlkönig X54 grinder to a fortunate visitor, adding to the excitement and allure of MICE2023.

Woman holding up graphic poster by Pokyodrift and Brewtech
Photo credit: Brewtech

Introducing Planut Goods: Revolutionizing Plant Milk

Amidst the lineup of exciting exhibitors at MICE 2023, one stands out for their revolutionary approach to plant-based milk alternatives - Planut Goods. Spearheaded by John Walys, Co-Founder of Cobs Popcorn, and joined by David Amor, a prominent figure in the coffee and hospitality industry, Planut Goods is set to redefine the landscape of plant milk.

Their vision is simple yet groundbreaking - create a plant milk concentrate with the functionality of ready-to-use cartons minus the cartons! This means that for the first time, barista-grade plant milk can be freshly made in-house, in a matter of seconds, using Planut Milk's innovative 5kg pail. Offering options such as almond, oat, and soon soy milk, Planut Goods is all set to cater to the diverse preferences of coffee enthusiasts.

With genuine sustainability credentials at the core of their product, Planut Goods' exhibit at MICE 2023 is a must-visit for anyone seeking innovative solutions and environmentally conscious alternatives in the coffee industry. Don't miss the chance to explore their game-changing offerings and meet the minds behind this incredible venture at MICE 2023.

Looking Forward: Trends and Innovations

Based on the previous year's data and industry trends, there are several emerging areas of interest and innovations in the coffee industry that we can expect to take center stage at MICE2023. The coffee industry is continuously evolving, and MICE serves as a platform to discover and embrace these trends. From sustainability and eco-friendly practices to the latest advancements in coffee brewing technology, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into the future of coffee.

Conclusion: A Decade of Coffee Excellence

As MICE2023 approaches, the excitement and anticipation continue to build within the coffee community. With its expansion in exhibitors, the return of the World Barista Championship, product innovations, sustainability initiatives, and unique offerings like the free tattoo booth, MICE2023 promises to be a memorable and celebratory event. As the 10th anniversary of the expo, MICE2023 marks a decade of coffee excellence and the continuous pursuit of innovation, passion, and dedication to the world of coffee.

In conclusion, MICE2023 is a must-attend event for all coffee enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses. From experiencing the cutting-edge products and technology to witnessing the finest baristas compete on a global stage, MICE2023 offers a unique and inspiring experience. The expo serves as a testament to the ever-growing coffee community, its shared passion, and its commitment to shaping the future of coffee.