Krishaa Tulsiani
October 12, 2022

Top 3 Non-Coffee Beverages You Should Stock In Your Cafe

While we would be inclined to argue that coffee is an absolute imperative in the AM — introducing a variety of non-coffee beverages ...

Bottled fruit juices on wooden table with decorative pineapple

While we would be inclined to argue that coffee is an absolute imperative in the AM (or anytime, really) — introducing a variety of non-coffee beverages to your shelves can really help with generating extra sales.

Not only will adding these alternate beverages to your café appeal to a different consumer market, they’re also a super easy purchase to grab and go (take, for example if someone is coming in specifically for a sandwich and decide they want to pair it with a beverage that doesn’t give them the jitters: an impulse purchase while they wait for you to toast their lunch).

Plus, since they’re non-perishable items, it is much less of a business risk than, say, adding a new item to your menu or developing a new drink made in-house. Essentially a win-win right?

Now that we’ve convinced you, here are our top 3 suggestions:

1. *Fancy* Sodas

Long gone are the days of a good, old Coke. With so many brand creating soda alternatives that taste (and look) amazing, there’s no reason to not. Plus, most are low-sugar and low-calorie, and some even have added benefits (such as brain-boosting nootropics) to help your cognitive function throughout the day.

One of our favourite brands is Strangelove, who boast some incredibly unique flavours, including (but not limited to!): Yuzu, Ginger Beer, and Lime & Jalapeño.  

Strangelove Lo-Cal Sodas:

2. Kombucha

With the rise of gut health research, we know how important having fermented foods like sauerkraut are for our bodies. In a café, the easiest option would be adding some kombucha to your fridge: the most delicious fizzy drink that’s perfect for the  more *health-conscious* customers. Bonus points if you can source locally-made kombucha.

Whilst there are so many amazing brands, one of the coolest we’ve stumbled upon is Monceau who have created pet nat kombucha (non-alc of course) in a few lovely flavours, which come in both one serve, and wine-bottle style options.

Monceau Non-Alc Pet-Nat Kombuchas:

3. Non-Boozy Booze

And last but not least, we have the rise of non-alc cocktails. With more people being sober-curious than ever, an easy mocktail is the perfect afternoon tipple. Whether it’s to add in the picnic basket, to drink at the beach with your takeaway, or for an at-home BBQ when your friends are drinking beverages of the alcoholic variety.

One of our absolute favourite brands is Naked Life Spirits, which is now stocked everywhere: from big supermarkets to small grocers. And clearly, there’s a reason why.

Naked Life Non-Alcoholic Cocktails:

We’d love to know what brands you stock in your café, just let us know in the comments.

This article was written by our in-house Pinterest co-ordinator and blog writer, Krishaa Tulsiani.