Hannah Jantos
October 28, 2022

Top 5 Coffee Grinders To Improve Your Cafe

When it comes to coffee grinders, grind-by-weight, or gravimetric grinders have been dominating the scene.‍

Top coffee grinders

As technology continues to advance at speeds that we’re not sure anyone can keep up with, the coffee industry is constantly creating technology that is faster, more accurate, and increasingly automated. When it comes to coffee grinders, grind-by-weight, or gravimetric grinders have been dominating the scene.

We know that a good coffee grinder is essential to guarantee smooth operations and happy customers every day, so we’ve compiled a list of the top five coffee grinders that will make the daily tasks of a barista feel as easy as 1, 2, 3.

But first, what even are gravimetric grinders, and how are they any different to other grinders?

Gravimetric Grinders

Many cafes will use timed grinders, which are grinders that base the amount of coffee they grind on time. These grinders will grind for a set amount of time, which is set by the barista after they experiment and test how long it takes to grind the exact amount of coffee they need per espresso shot.

Gravimetric grinders, on the other hand, measure the weight of the coffee as it drops into the portafilter, and will turn off the motor when the pre-programmed weight that is set by the barista has been reached.

They are often far more accurate, as it is the weight of the coffee that needs to stay consistent in order to extract a delicious shot every time.

Here are our top five:

MYG75 and MYG85 from Victoria Arduino

Anyone who knows Victoria Arduino will know that the Mythos grinder has been designed to achieve grinding perfection and define new ideas of precision and control.

With the new Mythos range, Victoria Arduino has set out to achieve grinding perfection once again. The reborn new Mythos aims to advance its user experience by bringing evolution to its function and design.

Victoria Arduino has made the new Mythos range as user-friendly as possible, with a new touchscreen display that allows baristas to easily change settings, read all the information needed and maintain total control of the grinder.

With an improved clump crusher and outlet spout, the technology has been simplified and reinforced to guarantee the perfect flow of ground coffee in the filter. The gravimetric models have an upgraded programming and built-in scale and these features create a much faster workflow for grinding and weighing coffee.

Solo from Grindie

Grindie grants the barista total control over the dose of coffee, using weight as the parameter for consistency.

Thanks to the intelligent and integrated weighing scale that uses continuous weighing and a patented self-learning system, is dose is extremely accurate.

The Solo also uses the Grindie Double Clump Crusher system that guarantees a uniform grind and promises no more channelling, ever!

With a touch screen that allows users to set up profiles (yes that does mean you can password protect your profile to make sure no one unintentionally changes your settings) you can be sure of a constant result in every cup.

And to top it all off, the Solo uses a noise absorption system to create a machine that is much quieter than the average grinder.

Izaga from Markibar

With assured coffee quality, the all-new Izaga is where innovative aesthetics and high-performing mechanics meet to create a perfectly accurate cup of coffee every time. The Izaga is the first coffee grinder with internally scale-controlled doses designed for optimal workflow, speed and consistency. The innovative grind-by-weight technology uses instant scale-controlled dosing that guarantees maximum consistency and quality.

The grind-by-weight technology in the Izaga also allows consistent coffee doses in different circumstances without requiring adjustments from the barista, improving workflow. This means that a consistent dose is delivered despite changes in the grinding point, burr wear, changes in the type of coffee, and environmental conditions.

The Izaga functions in two work modes: on-demand and pre-ground.

The on-demand mode means that coffee is ground when the portafilter requests it. The pre-ground mode means that 1 or 2 coffee doses are always available in the grinder doser. When the portafilter requests it, the dose is delivered instantly, saving time and improving the workflow.

E80S GbW from Mahlkönig

The E80S GbW combines record grinding speed with Mahlkönig’s real-time grind-by-weight technology and innovative Disc Distance Detection feature. The addition of the automatic portafilter detection and keeping your perfect grind settings has never been easier - even during rush hour at your busy cafe.

The patented Disc Distance Detection enables accurate settings of the degree of fineness and the grind-by-weight technology features a high-precision load cell for real-time dosing control during the grinding process.

What makes the experience even more pleasant is the inclusion of an adjustable illuminated spout that provides a clean and centred coffee outlet, and the surprisingly quiet grinding that isn’t disruptive to the ambience of your cafe.

X-One from Sanremo

The new and revolutionary grinder from Sanremo, the X-One was created with the inspiration to preserve and protect the whole coffee bean and to only grind the exact amount you need exactly when you need it. Their mission is no loss of aroma, no product waste, and with constancy and repeatability.

The X-One integrates a system of weighing coffee beans before grinding. The grinding chamber is always empty, which means that no coffee is wasted.

The integrated industrial grade weighing system weighs the coffee in beans before the grinding process to save all aromas, which means the coffee doesn’t get oxidized or turn sour. Only the requested dose is ground.

Consistent and accurate espresso shot dosing is critical for both a well-extracted espresso and customer retention rates.

A gram of difference can have a big impact on the experience of your customers, so it’s important to have all of the right equipment that will help you consistently make the best cup of coffee to keep all of your customers coming back for more.

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