Hannah Jantos
December 23, 2021

How to Support Your Favourite Small Businesses Without Spending a Cent

How you can show your support and love for your favourite small businesses without actually spending a cent.

Sign reading "Thank you for shopping local"

As the silly season draws near – and by near we mean, it’s literally two days away, we’re sure you’re wondering how you can show your undying support and love for all of your favourite small businesses without actually spending a cent of your hard earned cash. We know that the holiday period gets expensive enough as it is, so as much as we wish we were, none of us are made of that sweet sweet dough 💸

Here are our top tips and tricks that scream “Love and support” to all small businesses on social media 💌

Share your favourite accounts with your friends

Even if you’re done with your Christmas shopping, the people you know might still be searching for that perfect final gift – and what better way to both support local businesses and help out your friends than to share a post you love or the account of a business whose products you love. It’s a win win situation 🙌🏼

Save posts for later

Just because you might be over budget already with your Christmas shopping right now, doesn’t mean you won’t need great gift ideas later on! Saving posts (we even suggest arranging them into specific folders so you can always find what you’re looking for) for later means that next time you need to find a gift in a pinch, past you has already done the hard work of finding great gift ideas. Plus, the Instagram algorithm is particularly fond of saves as a form of engagement, so they will help out your favourite businesses both in the short and long term. 

Comment on and like posts to boost engagement and show support ❤️

As the old cliche goes, each and every like and comment means a lot to businesses, and can really help to boost engagement. Likes and comments are great ways for small businesses to measure how well their products are being received by the public, and a fabulous way to put a smile on a small business owner’s face this holiday season 🤗

So there you have it, three great ways to support and show love to all the hard-working small businesses out there this holiday season without actually buying anything! Enjoy the holiday season – spread love and cheer and most importantly, enjoy the time with loved ones.