Hannah Jantos
January 13, 2022

Social Media Habits That Should Stay in 2021

When it comes to habits on social media, there are definitely some practices that will hold you back.

Dinosaur fossil metaphor for outdated social media

When it comes to habits on social media, there are definitely some practices that will hold you back, and others that will set you on the right path – whatever that means to you! A new year is always a great time to set new resolutions, intentions, and goals for the year ahead, and also a great time to leave behind behaviours and practices that aren’t serving you anymore. As Marie Kondo would say: “Does this spark joy?” ✨

Only keeping track of likes

Newsflash: Basing your social media goals purely on likes is OUT, and focusing more on growth and connection is IN! A great way to approach goal-setting for your socials is to break down what you want to achieve through social media and for your business through your platforms, and create your goals this way. By taking the focus off likes and comments (which are important, but definitely not the be all and end all), you can focus on other ways your account is connecting with people and translating to more sales, clicks, website visits, or simply just community.

Treating it like a competition

Although sometimes it can feel like it, especially when you see other people celebrating their wins and milestones online, your journey on social media is not a competition or a race! Success and popularity are not defined by how quickly you get there; so slow down, take the time to figure out what works for you and how you want to do it, enjoy the ride, and practice using a healthy mindset when it comes to social media. 

Hiding your true self

If you’ve spent your time online scared, anxious, or worried about what other people might think of you – now is the time to shed your insecurities and SHINE BABY! There is something really special and magnetic about confidence, and trust us: it is a great tool for drawing people in and building a community! Get to know your worth online, and own it 💥

Trying to be perfect

Perfection? Sorry, we don’t know her. Perfection doesn’t exist online (even if it seems like it – no one has got it together 100% of the time!), so posting something you love and are proud of is always better than posting nothing at all. Plus, if you think your content is good, then chances are that someone else will too. 

While the same rhetoric floats around every year, we really think that 2022 can be your year if you want it to! So take some notes, forget all the bad habits you learnt in 2021, and starting smashing some goals this year 🔥