Sunny Zou
July 5, 2024

Pinterest: How Is It Different From Other Social Media Platforms?

Likes are fleeting. Comments fade. Followers fluctuate. But on Pinterest, inspiration endures. And that’s where your business wins.

Mockup of Pinterest feed on a macbook

Likes are fleeting. Comments fade. Followers fluctuate. But on Pinterest, inspiration endures. And that’s where your business wins. Whether you're devising a new marketing strategy, planning a product launch, or curating a brand image, Pinterest is where creativity takes center stage. It's not about social buzz—it's about discovery and inspiration. Intrigued? Let’s break down why Pinterest users are the customers you’ve been missing.

Social Media Marketing can be more frustrating than fruitful

Social media is a headache for most businesses. On platforms like Instagram and Facebook, content disappears quickly, algorithms are unpredictable, and users are distracted by social chatter. Negativity and comparison run rampant, while engagement is often fleeting. The result? Exhausted marketers, ineffective campaigns, and businesses struggling to connect with their audience. It's a challenging environment where standing out feels like an uphill battle.

Enter Pinterest.

Pinterest takes a different approach to Social Media

Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine

On Pinterest, visuals speak louder than words. Users create virtual pinboards, saving images and videos that inspire them. You can create boards for a variety of topics: a dream restaurant interior, innovative menu ideas, a brand aesthetic that captures the essence of your business.

Pinterest Attracts Planners and Dreamers

Unlike other platforms where users interact with friends or follow celebrities, Pinterest users are on a different mission. Unlike some social media platforms that can be hotbeds of drama and controversy, Pinterest is a zen space. Users come together to share ideas, find inspiration and plan projects without the distractions of heated debates or divisive discussions. As Pinterest puts it, "they might not always have the words to describe what they're looking for, but they'll know it when they see it."

Your Pin Keeps Working Long After You Post

On Pinterest, your content lives forever. Unlike Instagram posts that get buried, Pins stay relevant and can gain traction months, even years later. This long-term engagement is a significant advantage for businesses. Think of it as an evergreen platform where your content keeps working for you.

What Pinterest brings to the table for businesses:

Turns scrollers into buyers:

Pinterest is a platform for planners and buyers. Content isn't chronological—it's personal. Your pins show up as users are looking for something to try, buy, or do. Users aren't just scrolling aimlessly; they're actively searching for ideas, solutions, and products. This focused mindset can benefit your business:

  • 77% of weekly pinners report finding new brands or products during their searches.
  • 90% coming to users have shopping in mind when on Pinterest

Whether it's the perfect wine glass or a chic dining set, users are ready to discover and purchase items that catch their eye.

Reach consumers across age groups:

Pinterest reaches peoples of all ages.

  • 41% are 14-24 years old
  • 37% are 25-39 years old
  • 35% are 40-54 years old

This means businesses can connect with consumers across various life stages and purchasing power levels.

Advertising Feels Natural and Effective

Advertising on Pinterest is seamless. Promoted Pins blend in with organic content, reaching users at their most inspired moments. With 97% of searches not mentioning a particular brand or product by name, it's clear that users are open to new discoveries.

For brands, this means:

  • You don't need a large follower count to be seen
  • Your content can reach anyone searching for related ideas
  • This algorithm-driven discovery levels the playing field meaning even small businesses to reach a wide audience.


Pinterest isn't just another social media platform; it's where ideas become action. With users ready to discover, plan, and buy, businesses have a golden opportunity to connect with an engaged audience. Pinterest's evergreen content and positive, drama-free vibe make it a marketing powerhouse. Whether you're a small business or a major brand, it's time to turn pins into profits. Here’s how to get going.