Krishaa Tulsiani
March 15, 2023

The Art of Curating Bespoke Events

If you're musing over a way to bring potential clientele together—we'd (without doubt) propose a bespoke and intimate event. 

Crowd of happy partiers mixing cocktails in shakers

In late 2022, our agency worked with Victoria Arduino Australia to curate an event at their Melbourne Experience Lab. With over 200 attendees, and many more that saw the event on socials—it was (for the sake of a cliche) a night to be remembered.

If you're musing over a way to bring potential clientele together—we'd (without doubt) propose a bespoke and intimate event.

It's an art, though. So creativity goes a long way. But there are some universal basics to get down:

1. Theme it Up

There are two magical ingredients that speak volumes—hype, and cohesiveness. An utterly divine combination of the two will bring you loyal followers that are constantly wondering "how do I get invited to things like that?". Beauty.  And... the easiest way to do so is simply adding a theme to your event and attire. Want classy? Black and white (think: candlesticks on tables and overexposed film photos). Want fun? Go neon. Bonus points for glow sticks. Want retro? Disco it is. 🪩🕺

2. Places to Be

One of the most crucial decisions is the location and time for your event. The best strategy, if it's viable, would be hosting the event at your physical location to increase exposure. This could be an 'after-hours' cafe setup, complete with fairy lights or a disco ball. 

If you're not a business with a physical location, try hiring out a blank concept space or warehouse for the day and decorate your heart out. Otherwise, for a more unorthodox approach, say hi to a local business (think: a florist, or a record shop) and see if you can takeover their space for the evening.

3. Bites & Bevvies

Are you at a cafe or restaurant where signature dishes can be turned to share-plates? If you're hiring a space, would hiring a food truck add to the vibe? Or perhaps a charcuterie night is on the cards? Make the food photographable and memorable and we promise you'll be splashed all over IG.

As for drinks, can you sling gorgeous espresso martinis and affogatos to show off your beans in a noteworthy way. Or, perhaps it would be best to create a signature cocktail upon arrival... you decide.

4. Bring the iPod?

To bring more energy and life to your event, considering hiring a DJ or a live band. And make sure the genre of music—whether it's R&B, pop, or even jazz—is on theme. If you're not looking for live entertainment, see if you can curate a Spotify playlist, and add QR codes to tables for attendees to add their own fave songs to the queue.

As for other entertainment, you could incorporate interviews with big names in the community, speeches, or even demos or competitions (such as a latte art showdown). The more fun the better.

5. Gifts = Love

Ah, one of our favourite love languages. Don't be the brand that sends people home with engraved water bottles or those phone stickers. Think bigger.

Could you add a vial of coffee beans, and a mug from a coffee brand or a local ceramicist? Perhaps a book of coffee cocktails, or a voucher for a free coffee next time they visit your location.

6. Socials are Your BFF

And lastly, but arguably most importantly: execute a holistic digital marketing strategy with all your platforms deployed. Jackpot. If you're not sure exactly how to do so, your best bet would be to work with a marketing or creative agency—our role in the Victoria Arduino event was to source talent, manage event photography and video creation, plus all things social creation and PR. And if you can add livestreams or interviews so online viewers can be more involved during the event, you're doing something right.

If you’d like to chat about how we can level up your next bespoke event, get in touch. We love to chat.