Hannah Jantos
December 29, 2021

How to Humanise Your Brand Online

Little asian girl shaking hands with a robot

Are you a small business owner trying to make it on social media, but you hate putting your face online? Don’t worry – we get you! Being camera shy on platforms like Instagram that are so obviously made for sharing photos can be really tricky, but we’re here to show you ways that you can add a human touch to your business's social media without making your face a part of it.

Use your voice more frequently 🗣

If you’re not comfortable with showing your face online, a great alternative is to add your voice to any video content you create. Simple ways to incorporate this are by speaking in Instagram stories or adding voiceovers to any Reels or TikToks that you make. And who knows, maybe once you get comfortable speaking online you might feel confident enough to start showing your face here and there 🤗

Share more behind the scenes content 📹

People online are a nosy bunch, and we bet that if they can’t get one type of information, they’ll be hungry for another! A great way to offer transparency and a sense of intimacy between your brand and your customers is to share behind the scenes content, such as: a day in the life, packing an order, morning routine, creating your most popular menu item etc. 

Share a story or business knowledge 🧠

Another great way to build that oh-so-important business to customer rapport is by sharing stories and insider knowledge on social media – helping to grow your value online and humanise your brand. Easy ways to share are by informing people about how you started your business, busting common myths in your industry, and sharing your biggest challenges as a business owner. 

These three tips are great ways to help your customers get to know you more without having to reveal personal details – because let’s face it (pun intended), people are curious creatures and want to know about the people behind their favourite brands and businesses.