Krishaa Tulsiani
April 22, 2022

Developing a Foolproof Content Creation System

Short on time and needing to create a lot of social media content? Here are our top tips!

BTS shot of food photography in brunch cafe

Short on time and needing to create a lot of social media content? Here are our top tips! 📲

1. Plan your content ahead of time

Keeping your core strategy in mind, we suggest planning your content in advance so that you know exactly what, when, and where to post your content. Depending on the amount of content you want to produce and how often you have ‘batch days’ — how far ahead you should be planning content will differ. As a general rule of thumb, we suggest staying two weeks ahead. If you only post twice a week, then you’ll want to plan four Instagram posts and perhaps ways you can repurpose those into Facebook, Pinterest and even blog content!

We also post a compilation of important content dates every month that you can plan around on our Instagram (@socialfixation).

2. Batch your content to save as much time as possible

If you haven't heard of content batching before, firstly:


And secondly, it's something you should definitely be doing. Essentially content batching is where you choose your photograph, design tiles, caption posts and schedule your social media all at once, so that you can really get in the zone and, ultimately, it saves you a lot of cumulative moments that could be spent on other tasks.

3. Reuse content that was highly received and engaged with.

Find out what types of posts resonate with your audience and create more of that type!

While planning, you can always go back to old photoshoot content, tiles and blog posts in search of content to repurpose! Often, audiences learn differently or prefer to consume content in different ways. By using this strategy you can ensure you are maximising your audience reach while minimising your time spent on content creation.

And voila! Will you be trying this method? What other methods do you use to save time 👇🏼