Laura Craig
May 11, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to IG Image Sizes in 2022

Here is your ultimate guide of what size to post on Instagram in 2022.

2022 brings us lots of new features to Instagram. It is no longer a platform filled with only square images. With the addition of reels and more flexibility for users. Here is your ultimate guide of what size to post on Instagram in 2022:

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The standard square size image we see most often on Instagram is 1080 x 1080 px and a ratio of 1:1.

The portrait images show larger than square images on the news feed, up to 1080 x 1350 px and a ratio of 4:5. It’s important to note than Instagram will crop these images to display on your profile at 1:1 ratio, the same as the square image sizes. You cannot select how Instagram will crop the image but it will take approximately 1/3 of the top and bottom and zoom in on the centre of the image.

You can also post images landscape at 1080 x 566 px however, this is much smaller than the previously discussed image sizes and is not recommended for most businesses – take up as much space as possible. Ultimately square and portrait are the two simplest and most effective options for a standard image.

The optimal size for stories and reels is 1080 x 1920 px or a ratio of 9:16. When displayed on the news feed Instagram will crop reels to a ratio of 8:10. On your profile, the cover of the reel will crop to a square 1:1 ratio to fit on your profile grid. You can choose how this is done or choose a different image for the cover by editing the cover of the reel before you post it.

As for how you can resize your images…

  • Photoshop (paid)
  • Illustrator (paid)
  • Canva (free)
  • Photoshop express (paid)
  • Paint (windows) (free)
  • On any mac or Apple computer by opening the image and clicking resize option (free)
  • On any iPhone when you click edit on an image on photo gallery and use crop option (free)

An important thing to remember is that Instagram will compress your images if they are too high in resolution and is continually working to display higher quality content. This means as long as you follow the ratios above, your images will display as you intended on Instagram.

This article was written by Laura Craig. Laura is a business owner and marketing specialist with a passion for creative communications, with a strong background in hospitality management and graphic design.