Jess Lu
December 27, 2022

Refreshing your IG for the New Year

As we approach the new year it’s time to consider your online image!

As we approach the new year it’s time to consider your online image! You might think that your Instagram is doing just fine, and it might be, or this change sounds intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul. While it is very good to have a consistent brand image, the changes you can implement can be small and effective. It’ll keep your customers engaged, and bring in new clientele. Besides, the switch to a new year is the perfect time to refresh your brand, by giving your business Instagram a funky, new look. Here, we’ve got some easy, simple and beautiful ways to bring your Instagram into the New Year with you…3…2…1!

Create a Mood Board

Firstly, consider the image you want to be putting forward into the online world. Your Instagram might already be doing a pretty good job at being the authentic face of your business, but as new trends arise it might be a good idea to create a mood board. Researching what design trends are on the rise for next year will help you maintain a youthful Instagram - but always come back to your business’ ethos, values and customer base.

Our trusty friend Pinterest is a perfect place to create a board that reflects the values and ethos of your business. You can also make the boards collaborative - perfect to send to your team and create a pool of images that everyone thinks could work well on the refreshed page.

Mood boards are also the perfect way to introduce a new palette for your Instagram - and experiment with new shapes, and designs. Which leads us to…

Switch Up Your Colour Palette And Font 

What cpuld be a better way to refresh, than to introduce a new colour on your Instagram. Though consistency is key when it comes to brand image, when you’re considering a rebrand for the New Year you can afford to ask yourself: Does my business look outdated? What colours reflect the values we’ve fostered this year past? If you think it needs a complete change go carefully and introduce your audience into the new palette with ease (more on that below).

But if you’re thinking of a small side-step into a different palette and font, you could consider changing the tone of your business’ colour, or using an updated version of the font you’re using already. Perhaps pastels are in, and you want to appeal to a wider audience. Or a bold, expressive colour palette is more your business image - pump up the saturation and switch that font!

Consider What You Want To Highlight More

Now that we’ve got aesthetics down, what do you want to highlight more in the New Year? This past year you might’ve had more of a focus on events and things happening at your place of business, which would’ve been great to shake those post-lockdown iso-blues. But as we enter a new year, what can you highlight that brings something new to the table?

It’ll be very specific to your business; perhaps your menu is moving into a seasonal style rotation, or you’re putting more of a focus into the people that work at your cafe - your team! Whatever it is, consider your audience this year, and how you can tie them in with some new clientele. Bring in the enticing new things, and mix them up with the good ol’ favourites.

Give Your Audience A Sneak Peek… And Launch!

With all these exciting changes it can be tempting to launch your refreshed brand almost immediately - hold your horses! Creating a little bit of intrigue and excitement into the new and improved business will tease your audience, and when you do finally launch they will be hungry for whatever you’ve waved under their nose. They’ll probably want to come in and try your wares immediately!

Now, a sneak peek could look like an Instagram live introducing a new menu - but not releasing all of the details immediately. Or it could be a tasty little post featuring the new look that says “Exciting things coming in the new year ”. Make sure you give them enough to be intrigued, and on the lookout for more of the new stuff.

When you launch, make a big hullabaloo about it!! If you’re excited, your customers will be too. Do an Instagram live, or schedule some exciting videos, or posts! Give it your all, and invite your audience in. They’re part of the party too!

So, there you have it. A few simple ways to refresh your brand for the new year. What do you have on the cards for 2023? 

If you’re unsure, and need a bit of guidance for your online presence, we'd love to chat! We can help your Instagram enter the New Year how you want - graceful, stylish, or all out fireworks!