Jess Lu
April 24, 2023

Best Blogs for Coffee Lovers (2023)

We’ve curated seven of the best blogs for coffee lovers, ranging from technical to aesthetic to community based.

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Whether your coffee journey is just starting out, or you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur; you will inevitably run into the problem of where to find your coffee-related inspiration. While Instagram can feed a small handful of helpful and delightful pages, sometimes a good ol’ fashioned blog is the best way to get your information. We’ve curated seven of the best blogs for coffee lovers, ranging from technical to aesthetic to community based. They’re a mix of seasoned coffee bloggers and those who are new to the scene, from all across the globe. Read on.

1. Barista Hustle

This sleek barista training website has an all-rounder blog that covers everything from the perfect pour to why nearly all coffee plantations lie between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. Their thorough and passionate blog explores and explains all of the nitty gritty bits of coffee, and you’ll be sure to be sent down a rabbit hole of interesting information on their site.

2. Scott Rao

A coffee professional, Scott Rao has started an empire in his name, having authored three books about coffee including The Professional Barista’s Handbook, and hosting events for professionals in the barista industry. His blog is incredibly fun, and follows his adventures in the coffee world. There’s tutorials and educational material as well as what he gets up to on the day to day. A solid recommendation for those seeking to upgrade their coffee knowledge.

3. Sprudge

Sprudge boasts itself to be the ‘world’s most popular coffee publication’ and we can see why. A socially conscious and constructive ethos, Sprudge aims to highlight the best of the best, and interviews all sorts of coffee professionals to give readers an all round picture of the goings on in coffee globally. They also have the go-to updates for all the coffee events you need!

4. European Coffee Trip

Well loved on IG and Youtube, European Coffee Trip highlights the best coffee across Europe and has comprehensive city and brew guides. Their ‘magazine’ is a blog that’s full of interesting people, places and coffee. Their series Barista Stories follows baristas across Europe who are doing coffee as an artform. And they have Coffee Shop of the Day on their Insta, for anyone who’s traveling and needs a quick fix.

5. Perfect Daily Grind

Based in the United Kingdom, this funky blog has your go to for anything Industry or Consumer based. You’ll learn all of the tips and tricks of the trade as well as staying up to date on global coffee news. The PDG company name also spreads to Spain and Portugal, and their Instagram is not only beautiful but full of fascinating information. Their newsletter also offers a weekly draw where you could win a bag of specialty coffee!

6. Pull & Pour

We had to include this Instagram blog for their incredible infographics about coffee. They’ve got useful quick reference guides on reviewing coffee, ratios and pour over guides. They break down the basics of coffee types, and have a smorgasbord of free downloads to help with all of your coffee needs. They even have their coffee dictionary to help you with all of those nifty coffee terms!

7. Coffeetographer

An independent web-magazine that aims to document and curate the world of specialty coffee. A new way of reporting, this beautiful website has essays, reviews, interviews and posts. The tabs on the website cover a range of things: from art to music to coffee chats, the Coffeetographer has you covered for coffee and cafe needs.

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