Boronia Hotel

Winning the hearts of many one parma at a time.

Situated in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs, is where you’ll find your pub night with your mates. When we think of a pub, steaks and parma’s come to the mind of many. Step into Boronia hotel and you’ll find that there are a lot more options to choose from - They even have an entire gluten-free and vegan menu!


Boronia Hotel




The Brief

The team behind Boronia hotel reached out to our agency for the ultimate social media makeover. This meant new and fresh content with engaging copywriting that would resonate with their community.

Pouring glass of Furphies frothing from the tap
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The Work

A key element for our strategy was to capture their diverse options on their menu. Whether you’re craving just a normal pub feed or looking for something on the gourmet side, ‘you could get it here at Boronia’ was the message we portrayed through impressionable photography and clear copywriting.

Boronia Hotel beer glass overflowing next to pizza
Beef stir-fry with coriander garnish
Wood-fired margarita pizza with white wine
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