Little Bang

Melbourne coffee doesn’t get any better than this.

High quality and intensely fast service. While not many businesses succeed in balancing the two, Little Bang Espresso serves up coffee that will impress any Melbournian while pumping out orders faster than you would ever imagine possible. With two passions – food and coffee, what makes Little Bang Espresso so special is bringing these two things together across diverse locations.


Little Bang




The Brief

With a strong and loyal customer base, Little Bang Espresso came to us wanting to translate the experience their customers get every day into the digital sphere.

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The Work

Translating a seamless online to in-person experience, we created fun and playful content that perfectly fit in with their existing tone of voice.Working with one of hospitality’s true legends, Nick, we reflected the businesses values through mischievous and lively photography, placing an emphasis on fun without compromising their value on providing a bloody good Melbourne coffee.

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