If you know anything about optimising cafe workflow and efficiency, you’ll know that automation is your golden ticket to success. FloSmart is the global innovator in the design and manufacture of the FloSmart automated beverage dispensing systems, giving back precious time to businesses. As true hospitality veterans, the team behind FloSmart understand the importance of reducing waste, reducing costs, enhancing workplace safety, improving quality and consistency, and higher delivery speeds.






The Brief

They call themselves the "Global innovator in the design and manufacture of automated beverage dispensing systems" — a big claim. We were presented with the opportunity to transform the online presence of this global innovator and help them present their truly elite offering on the world stage.

Automatic milk dispenser in use
FloSmart system electronic display
System in use dispensing coffee
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The Work

In tune with the inner workings of hospitality businesses everywhere, FloSmart truly understands how to improve the speed and efficiency of businesses. For a brand like Flo-Smart that is leading global innovation and thought in automatic cafe solutions, our aim has been to communicate their message through sultry and elevated photography. We have built an aura of sleekness and sophistication through the imagery, and cultivated a brand image and knowledge that communicates the luxury and technology of Flo-Smart.

FloSmart dispenser unit not in use
Special drainage grate
Easy-to-refill milk jug
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