Bread is my love language.

Dedicated to keeping the tradition of naturally fermented and handmade bread and pastry alive, Sydney-based Thoroughbread bakery has been baking mouth-wateringly good bread since 2010.






The Brief

As an artisan bakery — it was important to deliver a social feed that made viewers want to reach through their screen and grab a fresh loaf of Sourdough, or divine chocolate croissant straight from the oven. We wanted to showcase the cosmic yet simple difference that baking with Melbourne’s finest produce (and lots of heart and soul) can bring to a pantry staple.

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The Work

Thoroughbred approached us to help take their social media to new heights. Through carefully curated written and photographic social media content, we created a feed that will simply make your mouth water. This was achieved through high-contrast, studio-like content produced in Thoroughbread’s Sydney storefront itself.

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