For all the early birds out there.

If you’re a Werribee local or just a regular shopper on Watton Street then you probably know or recognise Sal from Chatterbox cafe. Known as the ‘local hang out spot’ in Melbourne’s west for the past 7 years, Chatterbox holds a reputation for its early 5am openings and late 5pm closings on weekdays.With a menu that changes to fit the season and baristas who know their customer’s orders as soon as they walk through the door, Chatterbox has established itself as a home away from home for its customers.






The Brief

Chatterbox was on a mission to elevate their overall look and feel on their social media and those iPhone pictures just weren’t cutting it anymore. Although they were already well known within the area, they were looking to expand their audiences and captivate customers who would soon translate into regulars.

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The Work

Ever walked into a space and instantly felt at home? That was exactly what we wanted people to feel when they landed on Chatterbox’s page. Warm, rustic aesthetics that highlight the drool worthy menu and the hero’s behind the cafe that followers would recognise in an instant. Our approach to showcasing the interactions between the team and the community was an effective approach in translating the cafe atmosphere onto social media, giving newcomers a warm welcome before their visit.

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