The Bean Pedlar

It all started with a dream.

Combining a dream owner Rob’s father once had of delivering coffee on a push bike, with the rich history of their current location, birthed Gippsland coffee roasters ‘The Bean Pedlar’. Step through inside the shop located on Commercial Road and you’ll find coffee being roasted and served onsite. Inspired by the Yarram community, Rob wanted to create a space where others could come together and create memories over a fresh cup of coffee.


The Bean Pedlar




The Brief

Situated out in regional Victoria made it difficult to gain the attention of those that were not locals. Seeking to establish a strong online presence that showcased their craft and offerings, The Bean Pedlar wanted to connect with others on social platforms, direct customers to their online store and position themselves strongly as a coffee wholesaler across the state.

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The Work

Combining rich and moody imagery with insightful copywriting, we were able to convey their mission and how the business began. Interacting with the community by reposting local street art and throwback images have proven to be successful in connecting with their tight knit active community. In addition to our content strategy, our approach in creating in-house reels using their products have successfully reached a higher audience that have converted into followers. Furthermore, establishing a cohesive feed with a strong narrative, presents ‘The Bean Pedlar’ as a trustworthy wholesaler that’s passionate about what they do.

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