Compass Coffee & Food

Ever had tomato and peanut butter on toast?

With a well established location in East Melbourne, and newly opened location in Hawthorn, it goes to show that Compass coffee and food know exactly what they’re doing within the cafe scene. Pouring vacation coffee and serving up a fun brunch menu full of classics and fusions, they have generated a community full of regulars that stop by on their lunch breaks and have ultimately become that go-to Sunday brunch spot.


Compass Coffee & Food




The Brief

Just like any other cafe that wants to get ahead of the game, Compass coffee and food did too. They were after strong imagery that showcased their brunch offerings and wanted to connect with a larger audience than those that were just in the area. The goal was to have people travel across Melbourne to try their tasty creations and fresh coffee.

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The Work

Through bright and intentional photography we have curated a down-to-earth and sophisticated feed that alternates between all that they have to offer. From the menu favourites, the coffee, to the friendly environment - You name it! The creation of our in-venue reels have performed successfully in reaching an untapped audience which have generated new followers and higher engagement with posts and stories.

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