The place to be when Nonna’s house is too far away.

Staying true to their Italian blood and recreating the recipes their Nonna passed down to them, the brothers behind Monzarella are cooking up the definition of ‘comfort food’ every day. True believers in authentic and traditional-style Italian food; fresh ingredients and a passion for service bolster the ethos of Monzarella. Providing a spacious function room with unrivalled views of Port Phillip Bay, Monzarella has everything its local community needs – from first dates to milestone birthday events.






The Brief

Firm believers in the notion that life’s happiest memories take place around the dining table, the boys at Monzarella never miss an opportunity to celebrate moments with loved ones. Working with Monzarella over multiple photoshoots, we have transformed their online presence and worked to highlight the passion that goes into every single dish.

Close-up of employee apron for Monzarella restaurant
Man carrying stack of empty black pizza boxes
Front entrance and signage of Monzeralla pizzeria
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The Work

Tapping into the wants and needs of the community they have become an integral part of, the Monzarella team knows exactly what each customer needs in order to have a memorable experience. Communicating this passion and dedication through dynamic and warm photography, and unforgettably inviting messaging, we have transformed their online space to warmly extend their motto – “From our family to yours” – to every customer.

Simple pizza with basil leaves for garnish
Gourmet pumpkin, spinach, and feta pizza
Sparkling white wine in Monzarella glass arranged in front of a blazing wood fire
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