Edwardes Lake Hotel

Northside local favourite.

Edwardes lake hotel welcomes locals and those passing by to join them for lunch, dinner or simply just a drink. Offering dinner specials every weekday, you can get all your pub favourites for an absolute steal - After all, what’s there not to love about a pub that offer’s all the classics.


Edwardes Lake Hotel




The Brief

With an already well established community, we were given the task to increase their overall social media presence through captivating and drool-worthy content.

ELH cheese pizza
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The Work

Through crisp photography we made sure to capture all the menu favourites that was loved by the locals. Paired with punchy banter captions that every Aussie can relate to, as-well as strong communication of venue specials, we have attracted higher engagements that ultimately led to a stronger online community.

Edwards Lake Hotel house ribs with beef and onion rings
Woman pulling off a slice of barbecue pizza
Brass fittings for beer tap
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