Kleine Coffee

A convergence of cultures roasted into one bean.

Independent and locally roasted coffee doesn’t get any better than this. The team behind Little Man cafe in Seddon poured their love for coffee into creating something new, and decided to start roasting their own Indonesian coffee, brewing cup after exquisite cup for the local community.


Kleine Coffee




The Brief

As a small business themselves, Kleine Coffee places a big focus on sourcing their beans from small farms in Indonesia, making sure that each member of the coffee chain is treated with kindness and respect. With a mix of e-commerce and in-person sales, Kleine Coffee asked us to help launch their coffee into the Melbourne coffee scene.

Kerinci Honey - Kleine Coffee product packaging
Pink Van Java packaging by Kleine Coffee
Product shot of coffee packaging, filter, and retro sunglasses
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The Work

Kleine Coffee embarked on their journey with us to help grow awareness and knowledge of their beans in the Melbourne coffee scene, and through a mix of delightful imagery and elegant user-generated content we have created a dreamy aesthetic that transports the audience to soft and ethereal Sunday morning paired with a steaming cup of coffee.

Kleine Coffee's full range of roasted beans
Pair of green and pink coffee cups and packages
Pink coffee package and cup arranged atop a fashion magazine
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